Hatchery Mid Launch Improvement

The CGWA has been working on a concept to improve the safety and ease of entering and exiting the mighty Columbia River at the Mid Launch to the Hatchery.  It can be quite difficult to navigate the shoreline of the mid-launch on those windy days, and we have even heard some locals refer to this launch as the “smashery” due to the amount of boards people have smashed getting in and out of the water. hatch.steps.concept

It is our dream to build a set of easily navigable stairs that allow one to enter or exit the water on a predictable and uniform surface.  Check out this concept drawing done by our engineer working on the project:


So far it has been very challenging to navigate the permitting process.  There are a large array of governmental agencies involved in this process and it has proven to be a difficult path.  If you or someone you know has any expertise in the following fields and would like to lend a hand, please contact Greg at cgwa@gorge.net.  JARPA/SEPA permitting, shoreline permitting, in water engineering, stone cutting, etc.