We love the Gorge; something tells us you do, too.  We love the west winds (even the east winds), those big rolling swells, and catching up with like-minded friends after cold and windless winters.  We love that even when it’s not windy, we can still find something to do (as long as it’s not windless for too long!).  Yes, summer in the Gorge is indeed awesome.

The Gorge wasn’t always as we know it today.  In the 1980s, windsurfing was new to the area.  Beaches were limited; the few windsurfers in the region settled for highway pullouts and hidden campsites.  In 1987, CGWA formed to create a unified voice to represent the windsurfing community.

Since those days, our members and partners have helped us create windsurf friendly beaches and events in the Gorge.  Here is just some of what we have been able to do:

  • Acquired Swell City to ensure long terms access
  • Work with Oregon State Parks to build Rowena and Viento
  • Get kids on the water through clinics, camps, and drop in sessions
  • Build Doug’s Beach- and keep it there when the railroad widened
  • Contribute funding for the river access ramp at the new Waterfront Park
  • Create a new river access point at Luhr Jensen
  • Build changing rooms at The Hook
  • Host fun events like Windfest, swap meets, and King of the Hook
  • Work with regional entities like State Parks, Columbia River Gorge Commission, and regional Ports and Cities to ensure that beaches are built and maintained with windsurfers in mind