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Board Member Notes, Vol. 1, by Dave Nunn

Welcome to our first installment of the CGWA Board Member Notes.  We will be offering regular insight into the CGWA board on a variety of subjects from windsurfing, the Gorge, nonprofits, and more!  Please see bellow for Volume 1: Get Someone Planing by Dave Nunn.

Everyone remembers where they were the 1st photo 1time they got planing on a windsurfer. The board hopped up on top of the water and took off like a dragster. You probably didn’t sleep much that night because all you could think about was windsurfing.

I remember my 1st time.  Ashbridges Bay in Toronto. I was on 175 liter Mistral Malibu. I was 22.

Tom Kosmalski, CGWA board member says he was on a F2 Strato “with a retractable dagger-board. The first time I kicked that thing up and hit a full plane, I was hooked”

Tim Ortlieb, Ezzy Sails distributor, says he was at Harbor Springs, MI, on a Mistral One Design and a 7.4m2 sail. “Holy smokes, what a feelingPhoto 2
Our CGWA Director, Greg Stiegel, says he was at Klamus Beach, Cape Cod, MA.  He was about 13 and on his Dads Bic Electric Rock. (It was possibly the ugliest graphics yet on a windsurfer.)


Roxane McClure, CGWA board member says she was at Ruedi Reservoir in Colorado on a F2 Strato: “Never thought I would get both feet in the foot straps because they were so far back, however, once in the foot straps… zoom!”photo 3

John Heeren, CGWA board member says; “I was on an original Windsurfer and we used to take out the dagger-board  to see how high the water would jet up in the air out of the centerboard cavity, I was 15”

If everyone who is still windsurfing regularly just got one new person a year planing for their 1st time, well windsurfing would be back as big as it ever was.

Spend the time and effort to do this if you can. It’s simpler than you think. Let the victim spend a little time on the long board chugging around and then throw them into a high wind day. Personally I say forget the painfully boring weeks in a pond and get them to your high wind spot sooner than later. People want instant gratification these days. Plus if it’s the youth we are talking about here, they will figure it out way faster than you think.

Give them a brief “How to water-start” lesson. Get them a helmet, life jacket, wetsuit & a big board that can take a beating (little boards are too hard to use). Then chuck them into the deep end of the pool & be prepared to go downwind and pick them up. It won’t work for everyone but for those that do get planing it will be an incredibly rewarding day. You remember yours right?

Help our sport: get someone planing this summer!

Dave Nunn – CGWA board member since 2009,  Windance store owner & planing addict

Killer Action from Ricardo Campello and Graham Ezzy

This isn’t from The Gorge, but check out these two sweet edits to get you stoked for the weekend.  It looks like wind in the Gorge and on the Oregon Coast this weekend.  Go get some!

Ricardo Campello | PWA Gran Canaria 2014 – SALT 2015 from Point-7 on Vimeo.

THESE ARE WAVES by Graham Ezzy from Graham Ezzy on Vimeo.

Gorge Windfest 2014



We are stoked for the 2014 summer season.  Check out the sweet artwork for Gorge Windfest 2014.  For more information and to check out a great event video click HERE.

Thanks to Jen Jones of Moxy Int. for the excellent design work.  Check out more from Jen Jones and  Moxy International at these two links.





:: Boujmaa Guilloul, Stoked for Windfest

Boujmaa GuilloulBOUJMAA GUILLOUL :: Hometown Essaouira, Morocco :: Sail Number M3

How did you hear about the American Windsurfing Tour, and what made you decide to sign up for it?
I heard lot about it since Sam working on it to bring it back to life with more events and, and since then I always wanted to take part in all events, but I will do sometime soon.

Boujmaa GuilloulAfter the AWT stop in Pistol you’re coming to Hood River for Windfest, which will be your first time windsurfing in the Gorge. What have you heard about windsurfing in the Gorge?
I saw so many clips of this place, and the wind looks strong and the jumps go really high, I ve seen some amazing airtime, and I cant wait to get there cause its my favourite conditions, hopefully we get the right forecast.

What are you anticipating for your trip here?
Not sure, I believe its gonna be cold I am bringing some warm stuff, I am excited to be in the water in some fun conditions like the ones I like so much,, it’s gonna be hell of a fun, I just cant wait to get there.

You had a close call this winter when you hit the water hard during a triple forward attempt at Ho’okipa. Looking back on it, what your thoughts about how that day went down?
I dunno, I dont think that much about it, I was lucky good people were around, and it is a great experience for me, I cant wait to try an other crazy thing, and I believe I wont stop there.

What made you want to go for that move, knowing it could end badly?
I never knew how bad can it get in windsurfing in general, but It didnt end bad, because an end is and end and this was not, but more like a beginning for me to a different windsurfing dimension, I want to try more crazy stuff, because I know the worse and I also know it can get worst, but this is the way I get my pleasure from windsurfing, and I will stop only when I will really have to,

And will you go for the triple forward again?
I just cant wait to get the perfect set up for it. Yes I will.

Who are your heroes?
My Mum.

You are a decorated competitor- is there one sport-related accomplishment that you are most proud of?
Being one of the windsurf hardcore jumpers in the world.

Apart from your life in wind and water sports, what else are you up to?
It’s all related to windsurfing, surfing, Sup.. water sport in general, I also have a windsurf center with a friend back home in Morocco, and it takes some of my time,, apart from that, I love mountains, mountain biking, hiking, snowboarding.. and much more.

What other goals or dreams do you have?
Develop windsurfing in Morocco. But also sport in General.

Anything else you want to share with us?
I just got back from the highest summit in North Africa, Jbel Toubkal in the Atlas mountain here in Morocco, and so proud of myself doing such thing.

Sponsors: Starboard, Severne sails, Mystic and Aeron.

:: Sam Bittner, Stoked for Windfest

Sam Bittner, Organizer of the American Windsurfing Tour

Sam Bittner, Organizer of the American Windsurfing Tour

Say Hi to Sam at the AWT booth at Windfest, or before then at the second Pistol River Wave Bash!  Here’s what she thinks of the AWT and Gorge Windfest:

“My whole idea for organizing the American Windsurfing Tour is to provide people an opportunity to show off their windsurfing skills and to inspire the future of the sport. That is just what the CGWA is doing with Windfest and I am happy to promote the event and encourage all who are coming to Pistol River to head on up to the Gorge for the festival the following weekend.”

You are recently coming off the successful kickoff event for the 2011 American Windsurfing Tour in Santa Cruz.  What are your thoughts on how that weekend went?

Well, the Santa Cruz Classic was the first time I had ever competed in a windsurfing contest ever. It was a big deal for me personally and I was very happy with the way I performed, plus, I had a lot of fun!  The positive energy was flowing! It was awesome to have Francisco Goya and Josh Stone in attendance.  There were loads of great sailors there and everyone had a good time!

Sam in the waves

That was the first time a windsurf event has been in Santa Cruz since in many years.  What did you think of the location as a stop for the tour?  Do you think the tour will go back again next year?

It has been debated when the last contest was held at Waddell Creek in Santa Cruz. Some people say 10 and some say 15 years ago. Either way, it has been a while.  It was a great location for the AWT, being closest to a metropolitan area and therefore bringing in lots of spectators.  Sparking interest in the sport to outsiders is always a good thing.  That is hard to do that when you are running in a remote location like Pistol River or Baja.  We also got wind and waves, which is also a bonus! I would love to hold the Santa Cruz Classic again in 2012.

Are you ready for Pistol?  What are your hopes and expectations?

I am currently packing things up on Maui to go to the mainland for two months for the Pistol River Wave Bash and the San Carlos Cactus Cup.   I am excited for the second year of the Pistol River Wave Bash. I feel a lot more prepared and have more of an idea of what I am getting into this year. I am happy about how many people are traveling to the contest from Maui and the Gorge.   I am really excited to see Robby and the Naish Family pull up in their RV.

Sam Bittner windsurfing

After Pistol you’re headed to the Gorge for Windfest.  Have you been to Windfest before?  If so, tell us about your experience:

I have been to Windfest the last 3 years in a row. My first year was the most memorable because it was the first time I saw someone land a loop. I thought to myself, “I want to do that!” Then I attended Wyatt Miller’s loop clinic and really believed I could.  Windfest is also where I met Russ Faurot and decided to move to Maui.  The festival is a great way to get inspired about our sport and meet people in the windsurfing community.

Where are your favorite places to windsurf in the Gorge?

I am usually traveling with experienced sailors, so most of my Gorge sailing has been at the Hatchery.   I have also had a very memorable day in Arlington where I completed my first jibe in front of a bunch of people watching. I was so excited!

What else are you looking forward to doing while you’re in town?

Hanging with my best friend Katie Crafts! And trying out some biking, hiking, kayaking, floating the river, BBQs with friends, . . it’s going to be a busy summer!

Sam Bittner Santa Cruz Classic

Anything else you want to share with us?

Looking forward to a great Windfest!  Excited for all the live music, especially Current Swell.  Make sure to stop by the AWT tent and say Hi!

Sponsors: New Naish rider!! Dakine, Second Wind

:: Zane Schweitzer, Stoked for Windfest

Zane SchweitzerAre you ready to defend your Junior Champion title from last year’s Pistol River event? Any secret moves up your sleeve?

I am stoked to come back to Pistol River and defend my junior champ title, and will for sure charge some big flips and surf some fun waves especially if we get as lucky as we did last year with conditions!

After your competition at Pistol you’re coming to Hood River for Windfest, which you did last year as well. What are you looking forward to at Windfest this year?

The Gorge has been a annual thing for me for the last three years enjoying everything the area has to offer from high flying windsurf sessions, mountain biking, summer snow boarding, River rapids, fun stand up down winders and hanging with the hood crew every year! Windfest is a super fun time for fun expression sessions and kids clinics for groms who are stoked on windsurfing and stand up paddling! Also enjoying good music, and helping out in the Starboard booth to let people demo great boards and equipment. I can’t wait to get back to the gorge to do the kids clinics and share the aloha and fun times of windsurfing and SUP.

Kids clinic with Zane Schweitzer at Windfest 2010

Kids clinic with Zane Schweitzer at Windfest 2010

Where are your favorite places to windsurf in the Gorge?

I love sailing at the hatchery to throw big jumps and flips on each tack and watch guys like Brian Metcalf-Perez and Wyatt Miller do some crazy loops and freestyle moves all day.

What other activities do you do while you’re in the Gorge?

I stay with Jay Watermayer and his family every year in the gorge and we try to get up to as much fun things as possible every day. Last year I remember going snowboarding at mount hood in the morning then windsurfing at the hatch in the afternoon, and then finishing the day off with a sick sunset mountain bike ride at Post Canyon! I am deffinitly stoked to see Jay and our Hood river buddies to do the same things and have some more unreal sessions!!

Zane charging Post Canyon in Hood River

Zane charging Post Canyon in Hood River

Who are your heroes?

My biggest heros in life are my mom and dad, and my whole ohana because they have done so many amazing things for me and many others, they have been so loving and caring for everything I have passions for and encourage me to do what I love everyday and to share the aloha of life with everyone and to always go big!

You are a decorated competitor- is there one sport-related accomplishment that you are most proud of?

I cant chose a favorite sport but what ever the conditions offer I know that I can find the perfect conditions for what ever im doing weather its windsurfing, surfing, stand up paddling, diving, or dirt biking. Some of my favorite 1st place accomplishments were the grueling 11 city tour stand up paddle race 150 miles through Holland, The Handsome Buggaz Honolua Bay surfing Classic at my stomping grounds of Honolua Maui, and making the finals of the Sunset Beach Pro Stand Up World Tour.

Sponsors: Starbaord, North Sails, Maui Jim Sunglasses, Alpinestars, Dakine, GenR8, Power Balance.

Zane going big at Pistol River, 2010

Zane going big at Pistol River, 2010

:: Current Swell, Live at Windfest

Interview by Katie Crafts, CGWA
Photos courtesy Current Swell

Current Swell will perform live at Gorge Windfest in Hood River, on June 25th.  We sat down with David Lang, vocalist and guitarist, to learn more about their plans and what they think of Hood River.  Check out some of their songs, below, and mark your calendar to see them live in Hood River this summer!

Listen :: Cursed :: New Reggae :: Eye for an Eye ::

Tell us about how you met and decided to become a band:

[David Lang, vocals/guitar]:  It was not really a decision it just sort of happened through support from friends and writing songs that seemed to carry themselves along in the world. After we started adding more than just the 3 of us originals, it seemed like a band but I never saw it like that until we all of a sudden had a booked gig.

Tell us about the band name Current Swell- how you chose it and what it means to you:

So after we had a booked gig we sort of were being asked for a band name. “Crap”. I honestly dont remember how it came up but we were all about surfing at the time, and somehow the swell came up and then current swell and then that was the name, we had a website, no turning back. Haha. To me it sort of ties into powerful things in the world to do with water. The current and the swell. Random, I know.

Your travels seem far and wide these days.  What is it like being on tour?  How do you travel, how long are you gone for, and what are some comforts of home that you miss most?

Being on tour can be good and bad. This is part of the reason we try to keep our trips to like around 2 weeks… although we used to regularily go out for like 6 weeks, it gets quite tough to go for more than a month for me personally.  We have started to go far and wide now that we can afford to fly places with the band, such as Australia, Hawaii, Eastern Canada. Although we can afford to fly, we are still a van band,  no busses here.  Haha.  Comforts of home I miss are definitely my girlfriend, the beautiful coastal city Victoria we live in etc.

Current Swell comes to Gorge Windfest, June 25-26

Who are your influences and idols, both in music and in life?

Lennon or McCartney,  hmm good question.  Haha.  Kidding. Well it always used to be about the classics, so for me, those 2 gents mentioned above, and Muddy and Bob (both) but now there are too many greats to even name with music these days.

Any advice to kids (and kids-at-heart) who might be toying with the idea of starting a band and going on tour?

Starting a band can be a very rewarding and challenging experience.  Its a tough career to make money in that’s for sure, but even if its just a cover band in someone’s basement I would say its worth giving it a shot.

Is this what you saw yourselves doing at this point in your life?  Has this been an expected or unexpected path for you?

I am constantly saying that this is nothing like I would have pictured my life.  I feel at times very blessed.

Current Swell comes to Gorge Windfest, June 25-26

What have you heard about Hood River, and what are you looking forward to doing while in town?  Have you ever windsurfed?  If not, want to give it a try?

I have heard of hood river through kiting and windsurfing buddies.  I would love to give it a shot, windsurfing,  but am more keen on getting a few waves on this trip.

What direction do you see your band headed in the next 5 years?  Any big plans on the horizon?

We are releasing our upcoming album in the fall,  which is big for us. Planning on opening up a couple more touring destinations. We would like to be playing a lot of major festivals in 5 years, but I honestly dont have a picture in my mind for the future.

Anything else you want to share with us?

Spread the word about us coming into the states! We want to meet many great ppl and go to many great places but it really helps to have a basic word of mouth campaign behind what we do.  Thanks!

:: Emergency Event Site Usage Proposal


For immediate use


Katie Crafts, 541-386-9225

Michael McElwee, 541-386-1645

HOOD RIVER, Ore. (May 20, 2011) – At the request of the Columbia Gorge Windsurfing Association, the Port of Hood River Commission on Tuesday, May 24, will consider a temporary launching and landing zone for kiteboarding at the Port’s Event Site.

The CGWA proposal is designed to help the kiting community during a period of extremely high spring runoff. High water in the Columbia River has temporarily inundated the Hood River sandbar, the region’s most popular kite rigging and launching platform.

“Though this condition impacts windsurfing to varying degrees, it has a profoundly negative impact on kiteboarding in the central Gorge by all but eliminating safe launch and landing zones,” said Steve Gates, president of the CGWA.

“The CGWA discussed this situation in depth at its May 19 Board meeting, and decided to take a proactive, good neighbor stance on this and recommend to the Port to temporarily re-open the Event Site to kite launch and landing effective immediately through Friday, June 10,”

Michael McElwee, executive director of the Port, said it was “a much-appreciated step” on the part of the CGWA. He said he would present it to the Board of Commissioners at its 5 p.m. meeting Tuesday, May 24, at the Port Board room, 1000 E. Port Marina Drive, Hood River (the building at the north end of the parking lot just west of the Bridge Toll Plaza).

McElwee said he also would temporarily lift the ban on kiting at the Marina swim beach, until the Commission Tuesday can also consider possible easing of its policies for kiteboard use of that beach. The swim beach is situated between the mouth of the Hood River and the west jetty at the mouth of the Port’s boat marina.

Under the CGWA proposal, launching and landing of kites would  be allowed at the Event Site from the irrigation control box east of the bathroom eastward to the existing pump/dry area.

“This should provide an adequate space for both kiteboarding and windsurfing for the next few weeks until the summer crowd arrives in force in mid-June,” Gates said.

The proposal stipulates that the current kite pump/dry area would stay in effect. Kites could not be stored in the launch/land area that would be created by the proposed adjustment.

During the interim period, windsurfers would store their boards and rigs to the west of the designated kite launch zone.

The CGWA encouraged the Port and kiting community to discourage use of the expanded launch area by beginning kiters.

“The Event Site is not an appropriate launch site for entry level kiters,” Gates noted.

Once water levels drop, kiteboarders would again be encouraged to use the sandbar for launching and landing.

The CGWA proposal noted the need for respect and cooperation among both windsports communities during the high-water period and shared use of a very constricted launch area.

Gates said the CGWA is committed to working closely with the Port and Columbia Gorge Kiteboard Association to inform members and other Event Site users of the temporary arrangement.

McElwee said that anyone wishing to comment on the proposal may direct thoughts to: porthr@gorge.net

All comments will be photocopied and included in information provided to the Port Commission prior to its discussion.