We take the safety of Gorge Grom participants very seriously.  If at any time your participation is deemed unsafe to you or somebody else, or you do not follow the rules outlined here and in the code of conduct, we will revoke your privilege to participate in this program.  We want this to be a fun experience; please help us ensure that this program happens again in the future by being a responsible steward of the gear and representative of the program.

  • All participants must always wear a helmet and life jacket at all times. Failure to do so will result in loss of your Gorge Groms pass for the season, without refund.
  • All participants must always be under the supervision of a parent or guardian. Failure to do so will immediately result in loss of your season pass.  There is zero tolerance for unsupervised participation.
  • You must have signed a waiver & code of conduct prior to using the gear.
  • We recommend beginners stay inside the hook (on the shed side, not across the road), until you have the experience and skills to go on the other side. Beware of the current if you go outside the Hook, it can be quite strong out there early in the summer. Check out the conditions with other sailors.
  • If there is a problem with any of the equipment, please contact Greg at CGWA (541.386.9225 /

Gear Storage

  • Keep the kayak and some of the white HiFly boards on the outside rack. Lock them with the cable through the daggerboard slot.
  • Wetsuits go on hangers – hang them up to dry, don’t leave them on the floor wet.
  • Sails should be left in the second shed, hung on the mast across the top with the red hangers. Try to keep them in order, with small sizes on right, large sizes to the left. Fitting all of them may require slipping a few sails inside of each other – this is easy to do with the smaller sizes.
  • Please treat the gear and sheds as if they were you own. No one else is going to pick up after you.
  • Note that there are some sails with euro pin mast bases and some with standard mast bases. There is a box of mast bases in the sail shed. You can find the right ones there and please don’t take any of these home – we need them!