Gorge Groms

Often the biggest obstacle for kids to become “a windsurfer” is access to gear and having friends who participate.  To fill this gap, CGWA is pleased to offer Gorge Groms, a youth windsurfing club.  Our goal is to build community and camaraderie amongst kids who windsurf in the Gorge.  When you sign up to become a Gorge Grom, you receive:

  • Unlimited access to a full quiver of gear for use at the Hook
  • Participation in weekly group sail sessions and any Gorge Groms clinics with local and visiting pros and qualified instructors.


Please make every effort to attend a scheduled registration days; we cannot guarantee special accommodations for individual families.  If you are unable to make these days, please contact us at cgwa@gorge.net to see if we can set up a registration time.

Registration is held on a weekly basis.  To check which day we will be registering families, email cgwa@gorge.net.  To be put on the Groms specific mailing list for up to date information, e-mail Greg at cgwa@gorge.net.

Be sure to bring:

  • A parent or guardian who can legally sign for the kid
  • All kids who you are registering for the Gorge Groms program

Kids Code of Conduct

We put a lot of trust into our Groms, and they need to be present at registration to sign a code of conduct and learn about how to treat the shed with care.  Gorge Groms have a lot of responsibility to treat each other and the gear with respect, and must be present at the time of registration to run through expectations.

We reserve the right to revoke Gorge Groms privileges from any Grom who is not a good steward of the program.

Learn more about the rules here.


A family season pass to the Gorge Groms program is $100, which includes the cost of a family membership ($35) and covers participation for all kids in one immediate family.  The season pass is valid through mid September.

  • If you are currently a CGWA member and contribute $100 or more, the cost of the program is waived.
  • If you are currently a CGWA family member at $35, the season pass costs $65.
  • Memberships must be valid through the end of the season.
  • If you are not a Gorge Grom but would like to attend a clinic or group sail session, the cost is $20 per person per day pass.

Special thanks to the Port of Hood River, SailworksChinook, Northwave and the Eddy Yueh Memorial Fund for sponsoring this program!

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