Media Policy for Meetings

Representatives of the media are welcome at CGWA’s meetings.  We strive to act in a manner that will prevail when critiqued by the public, and as such invite media representative to relay our business to the public when deemed relevant.

The following policy pertains to media representatives at CGWA meetings:

  • Media representatives will register as such, including the name of the publication or media outlet for which they are acting as a media representative. Media representatives and visitors should wear name tags identifying themselves as such during all portions of the gathering.
  • Media representatives are observers and may choose to speak during the public portion of the meeting.  Media representatives will be asked to identify themselves as such prior to speaking.
  • The provisions of this policy shall apply to representatives of any media, including print, electronic, and photographic journalists.  All the provisions of this policy are to be applied equitably to all persons and groups.