King of the Hook

King of the HookKing of the Hook began in 2001 as a goofy get together for Hood River windsurfing instructors. After spending the whole summer stoking beginner windsurfers, they wanted to show off some of the cool moved they learned while cruising the Hook. We’re not talking flakas, ponches, or that other new school freestyle stuff; no, this is “good ol’ days” style longboarding. Railrides, duck tacks, tandem sailing like it’s 1970 all over again!

Since its grassroots start, King of the Hook has become a community- and industry-supported event geared toward showing a goofy, family-friendly side of windsurfing. We all windsurf because it’s fun, and this event brings out the sport’s fun and goofy side.

Come on down to the Hook in Hood River August 20th and remember: Have fun. Dress up. Tell a joke. Bring your original gear, and get ready to get wet and wild!


The LowdownKing.2013

  • Date: August 20, 2016
  • Time: 5-8ish pm
  • Cost: FREE for all participants
  • Tons of Prizes


Frequently Asked Questions


Kate Regalbuto and Erin Gates get goofy at King of the Hook

Q: Does the event run if there’s no wind?
A: Yes! Neither sleet nor snow nor no wind will keep this group from having fun. King of the Hook is ON for August 20th. Maybe it will blow, maybe it won’t; either way we’ll be there having a good time!

Q: Can I use my own gear?
A: Yes! We love seeing old-school gear. Dig through your garage and bring out the old goodies. If you don’t have gear, Big Winds generously provides longboards and sails free of charge. They have rig sizes down to 1.2 for the kids. Thanks Big Winds!

Jacquie Barone showing old school flair

Q: What should I wear?
A: Do you have hot neon wetsuits? We like those. We also like disco attire, superheroes, men in skirts, prom outfits, and anything fresh and funny! Make us laugh, make us cry, just do it in style!

Q: I have a dog- can he/she compete with me?
A: Yes! Dogs and owners can compete together in the tandem division. Be sure to bring a doggie bag in case Rosco has to poo.

Q: I’m in it to win it; What is the best way to win the hearts of the judges?
A: Have fun!! ┬áSkills and tricks are good, but they’re only one piece to King of the Hook. ┬áDress up, have fun, and be goofy!