The Blowout is Back!

Planning for the 2014 Blowout is under way.  Stay tuned…





2013 Safety Plan

General Information:



  • TBD


Course Description

  • Blowout: 17 mile course from Bob’s Beach in Stevenson to the Viento buoy to the Hood River Event Site
    Mini Blowout (Juniors, SUP, others): 7 mile course from Viento to the Hood River Event Site



  • Blowout: Bob’s Beach in Stevenson, WA to Hood River Event Site, OR
  • Mini Blowout (Juniors, SUP, others): Viento, OR to Hood River Event Site, OR


Entry Fee

  • 35 US Dollars: Juniors
  • 50 US Dollars: All Others


Event Format:



Blowout: Race Men, Race Women, Open Men, Open Women, Juniors

Jr. Blowout: Open Boys, Open Girls

SUP Blowout:  12’6 Men, 12’6 Women, 14’ Men, 14’ Women, Open Men, Open Women, Juniors, Masters


  • Registration forms are available at
  • Registration can be done the morning of the event at Bob’s Beach in Stevenson or Viento.
  • Registration will be limited to the first 100 registered competitors.
  • Waivers must be signed before competing.
  • Registration will be cut off 15 minutes before the skippers meeting.  If you do not make the registration time you will not be allowed to compete.



ID Check

  • Each athlete will be asked to give his or her ID (driver’s license, identification card, student ID) to the registrar the morning of the event.
  • The ID allows us to keep track of who is on the water and who has finished the race.
  • When you get to the finish you must check in with the registration team and you will receive your ID.  This way we know that you are safe.  As long as we have your ID we are assuming that you are on the river, therefore it is very important to come and check in so we don’t send a rescue crew out looking for you.  If for some reason you do not make it to the finish line please come to the Event Site as soon as possible and check with the registration team so we know you are okay.

Water Safety

  • Two safety boats will be on the water during the entire course of the event to provide safety to racers.
  • The first boat will follow the lead pack, and then circle back as the lead pack finishes
  • 2 jet skis will shuttle between the two boats, counting sailors and assisting in rescues as needed
  • Racers will be verified by sail number at Viento.
  • The second boat will stay with the last racers and act as a sweep to ensure that all racers have completed or checked out of the race.
    • One certified EMS will be on the last boat


  • Event staff will be in contact by radio and cell phone.



  • Racers who exit the race before the finish will be responsible for their own transportation.  Competitors must also arrange for shuttle back to the start in Cascade Lock, OR.



  • Competitors will be given a streamer that must be placed on the top of the mast.  This streamer is a way for us to identify competitors from non-competitors.


Rules & Regulations

  • If you are not registered for the event 15 minutes before the skippers meeting you will not be allowed to compete.
  • Blowout: There will be a rabbit start between the jetty and the start boat.
  • Jr. Blowout: The lead racer from the Stevenson start will act as a rabbit start as he/she rounds the Viento buoy.
  • The Skipper’s Meeting in Stevenson is MANDATORY for ALL competitors, even those starting in Viento.
  • All competitors must give a piece of ID to the registrar the morning of the event.
  • All competitors must have a sail number on their sail which is visible.
  • All competitors must place streamers on their mast.
  • All competitors must round the Viento buoy on the south side.
  • All competitors must obey directions given to them by the race staff.
  • All competitors must check in at the Event Site with the Registration team to receive their ID, regardless of their finish status.


Notification of Race

  • Athletes are responsible for verifying the date and time of the race.
  • Information will be available at
  • Race information will be broadcast on K105.5 between 6:30am & 7:00am on Saturday and/or Sunday



6:00 am                      Calling the day

6:30 am – 8:30 am    web notice

8:00 am                      Registration and Check in (closes 30 minutes before start time)

* There will be a min. of 2 hours from when the decision is made to run the event until the start time.

Skippers meeting 15 minutes before start time

9:00 am                      Earliest possible start time

11:00 am                    Latest possible start time

4:30 pm                      Awards at Event Site


Columbia Gorge Windsurfing Association ::
202 Oak Street, Suite 150 • Hood River, OR 97031