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Board Member Notes: The Magnetic Gorge By John Heeren

Feb 18 2016The Gorge is a paradise to most windsurfers. It’s an exotic destination with breathtaking views, scenic launch sites, and ideal wind and conditions for every type of sailor. We travel from all over the world to create a chance to relax and push the stress out of our lives. El ScorchoWe escape the large cites, the traffic, and constant work responsibilities; busting our behinds to chase yet another euphoric summer trip to the Gorge. We love sailing the Gorge, but back home most find not so exotic sailing and a small tribe of sailors scouting wind and driving to their local mudhole (in my case) to get their sailing fix. Let’s face it, the sport is simply not growing in many areas, but these small clans across the nation are as dedicated as they ever were.

Jibe BouyI’m from Memphis and believe me when I tell you we have a micro scene in our area. We’re grateful to have anyone to sail with some days. At most, there are 6 sailors in Memphis who can get in the straps and harness. All are accomplished sailors and we’ve all spent time in the Gorge. During our IMG_3778sailing season, primarily from October to May, we’re tuned into local weather and water conditions like undercover operatives on a mission. It’s not unusual to see group texts start flying 3-4 days ahead of a projected wind event. Alarms are set and gear loaded for any potential 20 knot wind. When we get it, it’s pure gold and this El Nino winter has been the equivalent of the Comstock Lode. We sailed every month since September. Sometimes solo, at best, two to three other sailors on the water, with numerous 30-40 mph blows.
The fall typically brings warm, punchy southerlies across the south ahead of the rains. The north winds fill in behind the rains as the mercury plummets, but these canJH Big Sunday 2 be some of our strongest and most steady winds. We pull out the thick suits and go out with the wild ones, the pelicans and ducks. Its duck weather, after all. You know you want it bad when your fingers lose the strength to turn the key in the door lock when you get back to the car. You just want to warm your feet and hands so you can derig, only to find your hands won’t cooperate. We’d have kept sailing, but our feet felt like two dead fish on the deck. In times like these we’re so thankful for our fellow sailors. The best bros in our lives, huddling in the van hoping our feet thaw out, all the time wondering if we’ve sustained permanent damage this time. This is a scene playing out all winter across the nation. I’ve seen guys at Lake Champlain hiking their gear through snow to get to the water. Now that’s dedication!

Chocalate Ice Cream SundaeThere are dozens, if not hundreds of small windsurfing communities of die-hard sailors across the country. Summer in the Gorge is like a calling of the clans. JH Big Sunday 2It’s like someone throws the Electro-Magnetic switch to summon the vast, like-minded hearty souls spread across the world. If you’ve ever wondered where we all come from to fill the rental houses, restaurants, and parking lots of Gorge launch sites, it’s from hundreds of small localized tribes. We need it and live for it. We hone our skills during frosty weather and grey winter skies, and you can bet we’re hitting the gym in between, focused solely on ripping those magic Gorge waves. We want it and we are coming to get it again this summer.

Are you, too, from a microscopic sailing scene? We’d love to hear your local story!

Board Member Notes: Baja 2015/16 Report by Roxanne McClure

What a treat to spend the winter months in Baja!  What is there not to love about living on the beach, enjoying wind, occasional waves, good people, a fun music scene and fresh squeezed margaritas? Some might consider spotty cell service and SLOW internet a downside, but personally, I consider those things an advantage!  Complete focus and enjoyment of the here and now is a rare treat in this day and age.

Rox baja

Wind report….   When I arrived December 1st, the word in the campground was how incredible November was.  The ole “you just missed it” scenario. December wasn’t epic but it didn’t leave me high and dry on the mountain biking trails.  I managed to squeak out over 20 days on the water, most were on a 4.7 sail and an 85 liter board. Some days I had to suffer through on my 11 and 14 meter kites but, time on the water is always better than pacing the beach! January rang in the New Year and I was on the water almost everyday. Again, 4.7 was usually the sail du jour, however, many days were on a 72 liter or glass board.  Happily, my 4.2 got wet, as well as the 3.7, which some years never even gets rigged!  February began with a blast that kept blowing and blowing with a short mid-month lull.  I sailed the majority of days on my 4.2, with some 3.7 and 4.7 days sprinkled in and the 85 liter board rarely got any love. We drove out of the campground on March 5th after a few hot, calm days, that word has it, began a spell that was only good for foil kiting.

rox baja 2Living reality…  The campground was more crowded than ever which translates into mucho traffic on the water.  Thankfully, there were few accidents and confrontations. I am always surprised at how well everyone accommodates one another in tight living quarters. The people in the campground come from around the world and are willing to share their knowledge and expertise on a plethora of subjects.  On any given day you can hear English, French, German, Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Canadian ; ) and even Spanglish!  The La Ventana/El Sargento area is experiencing a new growth spurt with new houses, condos, restaurants and markets popping up weekly. With this growth comes all of the questions and challenges we face here in Gorge. (STR’s, vacant homes, seasonal jobs)  My hope is that the local Mexican people as well as the residents of the Gorge will bravely guard their culture and values and not succumb to the mega-pace of progress and lure of “gold.”

To wrap it up, the wind was excellent, the water was warm and eating outside almost every night indicates moderate air temperatures, as well.  El Niño provided all that was predicted and more!

VACASA, Vacation Rentals Made Easy

The CGWA is so grateful for all of our member’s suport.  A special sect of our membership are the local small businesses that support what we do.  We want to start thanking and highlighting these businesses in a new web series.  Our first installment comes from CGWA board member, Bart Vervloet.  Check out his great write up on Vacasa:


Did you know that one of the CGWA’s business members employs 15 people here in the Gorge, has business operations in 13 states as well as in Europe and Central and South America, and has been owned and operated in Oregon since 2009? More importantly, their growing business is all about providing accommodations in some of the most beautiful places in the world. Thankfully, the Gorge is one of those places. Vacasa manages destination vacation rentals and is a member of the CGWA because in their view, windsurfing is “the foundation part of the history” of the Gorge sports scene and is still completely connected to the communities on both sides of the river. Mary Creighton is the business development and operations manager for Vacasa here in the Gorge area and lives in White Salmon, and you will probably get a chance to meet her at the Beach Bash in June as they will have a booth there, but before then you should visit their website to see what they offer. Whether you need a house to rent here in the Gorge, at the Oregon Coast, or in Belize, Mexico, Spain or Chile, Vacasa has something for you. CGWA members can get discounts at many of their destinations (though not on every property) check out this link for more details, and don’t forget to inquire about 7 day stay discounts too. Once again CGWA membership has its benefits when you do some travelling. Vacasa rentals can be booked online or over the phone, Mary told me that right now it’s about 50/50, phone calls are welcomed if you have specific questions or needs when you are booking a place to stay. Because Vacasa has local staffs in all of their locations, they can also help with learning the ins and outs of each of their destinations, so you can get the most fun out of your precious vacation time.

“The Northwest loves the outdoors, and we specialize in destinations for the outdoor enthusiast, that’s why Vacasa started here in Oregon” Mary says, but their business is reaching out to people seeking out new adventures, so if you have travel plans to the Gorge or to any of their many destinations, look them up at and pull out your CGWA membership card when you do, because I see some travel in your future.

As a board member of the CGWA its nice to feature one of the many business who generously support us, and it was a real pleasure to speak with people who truly understand what it means to be a big business with local connections. Vacasa is involved with many local groups here and supports the local communities they serve, so I encourage you to check them out. After all the rain this winter, I’m leaning towards Spain myself.

Happy Travels,


Board Member Notes, Vol. 1, by Dave Nunn

Welcome to our first installment of the CGWA Board Member Notes.  We will be offering regular insight into the CGWA board on a variety of subjects from windsurfing, the Gorge, nonprofits, and more!  Please see bellow for Volume 1: Get Someone Planing by Dave Nunn.

Everyone remembers where they were the 1st photo 1time they got planing on a windsurfer. The board hopped up on top of the water and took off like a dragster. You probably didn’t sleep much that night because all you could think about was windsurfing.

I remember my 1st time.  Ashbridges Bay in Toronto. I was on 175 liter Mistral Malibu. I was 22.

Tom Kosmalski, CGWA board member says he was on a F2 Strato “with a retractable dagger-board. The first time I kicked that thing up and hit a full plane, I was hooked”

Tim Ortlieb, Ezzy Sails distributor, says he was at Harbor Springs, MI, on a Mistral One Design and a 7.4m2 sail. “Holy smokes, what a feelingPhoto 2
Our CGWA Director, Greg Stiegel, says he was at Klamus Beach, Cape Cod, MA.  He was about 13 and on his Dads Bic Electric Rock. (It was possibly the ugliest graphics yet on a windsurfer.)


Roxane McClure, CGWA board member says she was at Ruedi Reservoir in Colorado on a F2 Strato: “Never thought I would get both feet in the foot straps because they were so far back, however, once in the foot straps… zoom!”photo 3

John Heeren, CGWA board member says; “I was on an original Windsurfer and we used to take out the dagger-board  to see how high the water would jet up in the air out of the centerboard cavity, I was 15”

If everyone who is still windsurfing regularly just got one new person a year planing for their 1st time, well windsurfing would be back as big as it ever was.

Spend the time and effort to do this if you can. It’s simpler than you think. Let the victim spend a little time on the long board chugging around and then throw them into a high wind day. Personally I say forget the painfully boring weeks in a pond and get them to your high wind spot sooner than later. People want instant gratification these days. Plus if it’s the youth we are talking about here, they will figure it out way faster than you think.

Give them a brief “How to water-start” lesson. Get them a helmet, life jacket, wetsuit & a big board that can take a beating (little boards are too hard to use). Then chuck them into the deep end of the pool & be prepared to go downwind and pick them up. It won’t work for everyone but for those that do get planing it will be an incredibly rewarding day. You remember yours right?

Help our sport: get someone planing this summer!

Dave Nunn – CGWA board member since 2009,  Windance store owner & planing addict

New Year, New Board

The CGWA held its first board meeting of the new year with our board of directors for 2016.  We have 6 new board members added to a solid crew of veterans that are all excited to get a lot done!  We’ve got exciting actions on the docket including owning and operating Swell City, stepping our community event, Beach Bash, up a notch, improving our kids program, Gorge Groms, putting our used gear/Swap Meet trailer to better use, creating an access improvement at the mid launch of the Hatchery, adding new demo and photo/video events to the summer, and providing high-quality content and information to our members.


(From Left to Right) Greg Stiegel (E.D.), Steve Gibson, Eddy Patricceli, Andy Crafts (Secretary), Ryan Kolberg, Kevin Johnston (Youth Rep.), Dave Nunn, Mike Schock (President), Tom Kosmalski, Steve Schmidt (Treasurer), Bart Vervloet, Sean Aiken, Barb Ayers (Vice President). Missing from photo: David Ojala and Roxanne McClure.

Board Election

Our annual board of directors election is underway.  We have a great crew of nominations lined up this year and voting will be open through the New Year.  All current CGWA members get one vote and ballots will be sent out via e-mail.  If you are a current CGWA member and did not receive a ballot, please contact us at to update your contact info.

We have exactly the same amount of nominations as open seats this year, so there is no need to cast votes.  We will send a ballot out anyway in case we get a popular write in candidate.

Please read about who the candidates are bellow:

Michael Schock

Company: Morgan Stanley, Vice President, Wealth Advisor

Educational background: Bachelor of Science Oregon State University – Economics; Graduated Bend Senior High, Bend, Oregon.

Business background:  Since 1987 I have worked for Morgan Stanley as a Wealth Advisor.  For my first 15 years I lived in the Portland area and commuted to windsurf, almost every weekend.  Now I live in Hood River, operate from my Portland office remotely and sail less than I did when I lived in Portland – go figure.

Current involvement in the windsurfing community:  Long-time member of the CGWA, current board member and board President – going on my third year.  I first sailed the gorge in 1983 and would like to say the sport and I have grown up together.  I still get just as excited and love the feeling of wind, sun and water.

Organization affiliations and community involvement:   Hood River Library Foundation – we a great community library.  I’m a current member Hood River Toastmasters and the Hood River Chamber.  I’m also a past president and active member of the Hood River Rotary Club.

Are you a CGWA member?  Yes, yes, yes – years & years!

CGWA experience:  Helped with Windfest, beach clean ups and the Swell City purchase.  Lead board meetings and help set objectives and policy.  Next year my number one goal is to build awareness of our organization.

Hobbies: Windsurfing, mountain biking, road biking, skiing and golf.  This is why I live in Hood River – sound familiar?

Have you served on the CGWA Board of Directors before?  Yes

Why do you want to join the CGWA Board of Directors?   As someone who has lived and breathed the sport, it’s very important to me that others have the same opportunity.  The CGWA is developing and exceptional youth program and our future sailors should not be hindered by access issues.

What areas of board duties most interest you?  I’d like to see more folks on the water, work with local municipalities and ensure a high quality experience.  The CGWA needs to build a working fund, we should be able to maintain beaches, provide infrastructure and offer equipment and training to our youth.

Roxanne McClure

Educational background: BA Communications, USCB  1980

Business background: Ski and Snowboard Instructor for 33 years, Teacher at Horizon Christian School for 9 years, Start up business re-creating windsurfing sails and kites into bags, wallets and other useful items.  Sew Swell!

Involvement in the windsurfing community: I love to windsurf! CGWA Board Member.  Gorge Groms volunteer.

Organization affiliations and community involvement (for example, boards you’ve served on, volunteer experiences, etc.): CGWA (2008-Present), Hood River County Christmas Basket Project (2005-Present), FISH Food Bank Volunteer (2005-Present)

Are you a CGWA member? Yes    If so, why (what do you value about CGWA’s work, etc.)? CCGWA is about Access and Access.  1) Access to the water for sailors   2)  Access to the sport for youth and new sailors.  I support these endeavors.

CGWA experience (event volunteer, work party experience, etc.): I have been active as a volunteer for the Pray For Wind Party, Wind Fest Weekend and Gorge Grom program. My husband has been a mainstay at the CGWA Swap Meets for several years.  Together we make a good team and were honored with the Golden Shovel Award at the 2013 CGWA End of the Season Party.

Hobbies: Windsurfing, skiing, golf, music and even a little kiting

Have you served on the CGWA before? Yes What years? 2008-Present

Why do you want to join the CGWA Board of Directors? Giving back to and enhancing my community is something I’m passionate about.  I enjoy meeting and working with people.

What areas of board duties most interest you (technical assistance, program development, fund raising, public relations, planning, etc.):  I enjoy working in public relations and program development.  I like being involved with the Youth program and making windsurfing accessible to groups and individuals who would benefit from the outdoor, active lifestyle (that’s everyone, right?).

Steve Schmidt

Educational background: BS Biology

Business background: Logistics, Multiple experiences including CEO of public company.

Current involvement in the windsurfing community:  Help with Big Brothers & Grom program, CGWA Board

Organization affiliations and community involvement (for example, boards you’ve served on, volunteer experiences, etc.):  Rotary

Are you a CGWA member?  Yes  Why? Projects improving sailing sites.

CGWA experience (event volunteer, work party experience, etc.):  Events, work parties, Groms, Board Member 2013- 2014

Hobbies:  Windsurfing, skiing, pure-bred dogs (bull terriers), Guide Dogs

Have you served on the CGWA before?  Yes What years? 2013-present

Why do you want to join the CGWA Board of Directors?  Happy to help in a sport I love.

What areas of board duties most interest you (technical assistance, program development, fundraising, public relations, planning, etc.):  Groms – As a grom member with my granddaughters, I have a strong interest in its success.  I have participated in most instructional sessions for the Big Brother /Big Sisters, and many of the Grom instructional programs too.

Ryan Kolberg

Educational background: Two years at the University of Iowa taking business school courses. Transferred to Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA and completed a degree in Music Business & Management, with a focus on Promotion & Marketing.

Business background: Worked for JAM Productions in Chicago, IL right out of college. JAM is the largest independent concert promoter in the United States. I helped book and promote over 250+ shows that I also performed in with the Chicago based artist Daphne Willis. After moving to the Gorge in 2009 I started working with Chinook Sailing Products where I was the domestic and international shipping manager. Chinook was only seasonal employment, so for the remainder of the year I took a job with DaveNunn at Windance Boardshop. In January 2011 I took the position with NoLimitz for Sales & Marketing. NoLimitz is part of the parent company Innovative Composite Engineering in White Salmon, WA. At I.C.E I do the sales & marketing for our recreational accounts as well as NoLimitz.

Current involvement in the windsurfing community: Currently a member of the CGWA, and an active windsurfer I am always looking to improve my sport. I am looking to take a more active roll and join the CGWA board so I can help make windsurfing more accessible in the Gorge. I believe it is important to promote our sport and keep the dream alive for everyone who comes to the Gorge to recreate.

Organization affiliations and community involvement (for example, boards you’ve served on, volunteer experiences, etc.): I have not previously served on any boards, however I have volunteered for many events and fundraisers over time.

Are you a CGWA member? If so, why (what do you value about CGWA’s work, etc.)? If no, why not? Yes, I am definitely a CGWA member. If it were not for the CGWA and the previous work done, I would have not shown up to a dreamlike play land when I moved to the Gorge in 2009! It was the work and effort put forth previously that makes Gorge windsurfing what it is today. I think being more active in the CGWA will help ensure that Gorge windsurfing will be amazing for many years to come.

CGWA experience (event volunteer, work party experience, etc.): I performed in the group Bigfoot for the 2011 CGWA Gorge Windsurfing Awards!!

Hobbies: Windsurfing obviously, mountain biking, running, and snowboarding for outdoor recreation in the Gorge. I also am a professional musician and perform actively in the Gorge. I play many gigs throughout the year, and I teach private lessons on guitar, bass guitar, drums, and music theory & business.

Have you served on the CGWA before? What years? Yes, since 2013.

Why do you want to join the CGWA Board of Directors? I would like to be more involved in the windsurfing community of the Gorge. It is important to put forth effort so we will have world-class windsurfing in our backyard for the future.

What areas of board duties most interest you?:Beach Bash

Eddy Patricelli

Educational background: English degree, Southern Oregon University

Business background: School Director, Big Winds Hood River 1992-1999; Managing Editor, WindSurfing magazine 1999-2000; Editor-in-Chief Windsurfing magazine 2001-2006; Editor-in-Chief, Islands magazine 2006-2015. 

Current involvement in the windsurfing community: I work at Big Winds. Most of my day is spent helping windsurfers enjoy their next session more than their last one. 

Organization affiliations and community involvement (for example, boards you’ve served on, volunteer experiences, etc.): Long ago I helped establish and oversee the Big Winds Kids Camp, which is still running today. I served as a master instructor for AWIA (American Windsurfing Instructors of America) when it was around. I’ve served as a panelist and/or speaker for hotel and tourism events, travel writing symposiums and sustainable travel conferences.

Are you a CGWA member?  If so, why (what do you value about CGWA’s work, etc.)? If no, why not? I was a member. But I believe my membership has lapsed. I’ve been living in Florida from 1999 till six months ago. I value the CGWA’s efforts to protect and improve the region’s sailing sites, and serve as a galvanizing force in the windsurfing community. Returning to the Gorge this year, I was impressed by the improvements to the Hook.  

CGWA experience (event volunteer, work party experience, etc.): While at WindSurfing magazine I promoted the heck out of CGWA events in print and on the website. 

Hobbies: I love to surf, wave SUP, ski, and play guitar. But most of all, I love to play with this guy:

Have you served on the CGWA before?  What years? No.

Why do you want to join the CGWA Board of Directors I grew up windsurfing here, and sharing Gorge windsurfing with thousands of visitors. I’d like to help ensure windsurfers continue to flock to the Gorge, share it with friends and pass that stoke onto future generations.

What areas of board duties most interest you (technical assistance, program development, fundraising, public relations, planning, etc.): My media background could help with public relations, as well as program development and planning. But I’m interested in all of the duties listed above, and am happy to help in whatever role I’m tasked with.

John Heeren

Educational background: High school diploma and 3 years of college. Left college to manage an advertising agency I had been working for.  I hold current licenses in Insurance and Real Estate.

Business background:  I co-managed an advertising agency for several years in the early 1980’s before working for AFLAC.  I spent 10 years working for AFLAC as an associate and then district manager and continue to maintain my contract with AFLAC, although I am no longer active.  

I joined a real estate firm specializing in government leased real estate in 1994 and have since become the principal broker.  I currently manage a database of over 2,000 national investors and sell between $15M – $30M annually of commercial investment properties.  I represent REIT’s and other investment funds in addition to individual investors.  I also manage approximately 60 properties and personally own several investment properties.

Current involvement in the windsurfing community: I spend 6-8 weeks in the Gorge annually.  I windsurf every day!  I was active working with Katie Crafts during the Doug’s Beach siding episode.  I sent letters as directed and made contributions for our legal staff.  Last year after learning about the Roosevelt site water being cut off, I immediately contacted the Washington State Parks and the Army Corps of Engineers to register my complaint.  I drafted letters to both agencies opposing the loss of water.  I remain at a loss to understand how cutting off the water could possibly save the agency considerable monies to justify the potential economic loss of visitors to the struggling and desolate area.

Organization affiliations and community involvement (for example, boards you’ve served on, volunteer experiences, etc.): I currently serve on the board of directors of the Association of United States Postal Lessors, an organization with over 3,200 members nationally.  I serve on the nomination committee and the USPS Reform Committee. I have traveled to DC numerous times to meet with Senate and House members to push for postal reforms to preserve the United States Postal Service.  I work closely with the association’s lobbying group and have been recognized as a key member of our negotiations and progress with the Rural Caucus members and USPS upper management.  I also lead workshops at our annual convention and provide membership support for our lessor’s as regards leasing and maintenance issues.

This year our association established a political PAC.  I worked closely with our lobbyist and legal staff to form the PAC and am currently working with our membership to fund the PAC and identify key members of the Congress and Senate to work with us in pursuit of USPS reform.  I am a key member in determining PAC distributions.

I’m also very active locally building and maintaining bike trails in my local community. I am the former vice president of the Friends of Shelby Farms, a group formed to preserve a 4,500 acre park here in Memphis. I have also been a long-time supporter of HRATS, the Hood River trails advocate.

Are you a CGWA member?  YES! If so, why (what do you value about CGWA’s work, etc.)? If no, why not? Yes!  We have been family members for years. (but that does not mean I will help OJ unload the large CGWA trailer on Swap day)

CGWA experience (event volunteer, work party experience, etc.):   I sail at Swell City and have always contributed to impromptu rock moving parties or other needs.  I’m energetic and will do help improve any sites from June 5 to August 5th, when I am in the Gorge area. I also have strong ties to local pro windsurfers and elite sailors.  I am in Memphis 10 months of the year, so spring work parties are tough to attend.  

Hobbies:  Snowboarding, wakeboarding, mountain biking, and #1 favorite, Windsurfing.  I must also say I have kited!

Have you served on the CGWA before?  No

What areas of board duties most interest you (technical assistance, program development, fundraising, public relations, planning, etc.):  I can contribute in many areas, including all of the above as needed.  My weaknesses are geographic, so any duties between August to June will have to be provided via conference call and computer. My strong points would be member communications, membership enhancements, and incentivizing local businesses. Negotiations with local municipalities may also prove productive to the board.

Bart Vervloet

Educational background: BA, International Studies, USCG 100 ton Master

Business background: 38 years in sales, mostly in the windsurfing industry, and various gigs in weather broadcasting

Current involvement in the windsurfing community: Gorge Surf Shop

Organization affiliations and community involvement (for example, boards you’ve served on, volunteer experiences, etc.): Currently a member of the Boating Oregon Advisory Team for non-motorized watercraft

Are you a CGWA member?  If so, why (what do you value about CGWA’s work, etc.)? If no, why not? Have been a member off and on for years, currently not a member.

CGWA experience (event volunteer, work party experience, etc.):  Low level involvement at different events over the years, promoted CGWA events on my radio show since the inception of the CGWA

Hobbies:  Windsurfing, sailing, skiing, auto and motorcycle aficionado.

Have you served on the CGWA before?  What years?

Why do you want to join the CGWA Board of Directors   Give back some efforts to the industry and the customers who have given me so much enjoyment over the years, and to share my continued enthusiasm for the sport of windsurfing.

What areas of board duties most interest you (technical assistance, program development, fundraising, public relations, planning, etc.):  Planning, public relations, and execution of events

Steve Gibson    

Educational background: Associates in Architecture & Business Studies MHCC

Business background:   OR & WA Licensed Home Inspector Since 1998- Hospitality Management & Sales- 12 years prior.  

Current involvement in the windsurfing community:

  • 2013/14 Swell City work group- Launch site clean ups-
  • Organization affiliations and community involvement (for example, boards you’ve served on, volunteer experiences, etc.):
  • Recent- Community Partners White Salmon WA – ( Orange Boards at the base of Dock Grade &  Christmas Balls on Dock Grade  )

Are you a CGWA member?  If so, why (what do you value about CGWA’s work, etc.)? If no, why not?    Yes- The never ending challenge and thrill of Windsurfing with the Swell is what I desire ….

CGWA experience (event volunteer, work party experience, etc.):  Many Work parties at Doug’s – Rowena and The Hatch over the years- I’m in admiration of others like Quigley & Noble who have worked for the benefit of all sharing the STOKE with better access and launch sites for Windsurfing.

Hobbies:  Windsurfing rules ….  ( Note: I once had a moto on a white truck of mine …   “ Wind is Life ! “ then kid # 2  came along- single cab truck no more … )

Have you served on the CGWA before?  What years?  I can now ! Two well raised young adults citizens now in college out of state –  ( ding- ding- ding ! )  …. equals more PLAY TIME !! ( Kudo’s to The White Salmon Valley School District !! )

Why do you want to join the CGWA Board of Directors: To formally give back and support the original Windsport of the Gorge in admiration of those prior board members & volunteers who in the prior years helped to create this great recreational sport for so many to enjoy and learn here in our great Columbia River Gorge.  

What areas of board duties most interest you (technical assistance, program development, fundraising, public relations, planning, etc.):

  • Offer input to CGWA as 10 plus year Swell City user/rider.
  • Supporting activities that require “ hands on “ assistance to make plans, ideas and events come to fruition.  
  • Helping to provide input to properly & effectively use the remaining monies in the near term from the loss of sailing access at Doug’s West years ago- “ Doug’s Dollars
  • Thinking creatively to further enhance the STOKE and image of Windsurfing in the Gorge while working to entice new CGWA memberships and first time wind sport enthusiasts who are up to  the challenge and thrill of Windsurfing !


  • Has sailed regularly at Swell City since 1985;
  • Was one of the first members of the CGWA;
  • has sailed at Rowena since the beginning, and was involved in working with State Parks to legitimize the place
  • regularly participates in CGWA work parties; and
  • was previously very involved in the Pray for Wind Parties


Kevin Johnston

Educational background: preschool, elementary school, 6th grade – In algebra 1 with Chon, I went to Westside, I glued some markers to my desk in 2nd grade

Business background: house chores, volunteered at Westside elementary game night in 5th grade volunteered at the swap meet

Current involvement in the windsurfing community: I give advice to people that need help with jibes, and stuff like that. I helped my friend jump better.

CGWA experience (event volunteer, work party experience, etc.): the picture showing thingy um that award thing.  I worked at the swap meet

Hobbies:  !!windsurf!!!!, ski,  MT. bike, some other  things

Why do you want to join the CGWA Board of Directors? to help out, and give kids opinion on stuff

Board Election Nominations

It is that time of year again.  The CGWA is now accepting nominations for our annual CGWA board of directors election.  If you are a windsurfer in the Gorge, this is a great way to get more involved in the community and participate in some of the great things the CGWA is doing such as creating, maintaining, and improving launch site access, running an outstanding kids program, owning and operating Swell City, and much more!

Feel free to nominate yourself or a friend by sending name and contact info to

We will provide more details about the election processes then.  Feel free to ask any questions at this point as well.

The nomination deadline is Friday, December 18th.

Voting will follow until January 1st by the CGWA membership.

Board terms are 2 years. For more information on being a CGWA board member please see our Board Manual and read more about Who We Are.

VOTE NOW: 2015 Gorge Windsurfing Awards

Here are your nominees:

Dale Cook Big Air Award

Antonio Blanco:  Antonio is right there with Dale jumping as high as he does! Their Huckers are always above the sky line and above anyone else!

Sean Aiken: Sean is out on the biggest days always going big!

JP Bowels:  There were countless photos of JP going huge in the Gorge and on the coast this summer.  He is out on every big day and goes as big as anyone else.

Most Selfless Windsurfer

Jerry-Anne Devlin: Jerry-Anne is always smiling, and always saying “get out there.”  Not to mention her countless hours of volunteering to get prizes for the Pray For Wind Party this year. 

Tim Requa:  Tim was instrumental in putting together the CGWA’s Beach Bash this year.  He is also more than willing to help promote any and all windsurfing events.

Kidz Dental Zone:  The Kidz Dental Zone stepped up huge sponsoring the CGWA Gorge Groms program this year.  They are very motivated to help promote kids windsurfing in the Gorge!

Most Stoked Windsurfer

Lisa Macy: I think Lisa sails more days than anyone in the Gorge, starts in March and ends in Nov. always with a smile and great enthusiasm no matter what the conditions.

Steve WatsonSteve is by far the most dedicated sailor in the Gorge easily getting out more than anyone averaging I would say 200+ days/year! His passion is apparent on and off the water.

Anna Rohden: Anna windsurfers as much as anyone and always has a huge smile on her face.  She is definitely STOKED to windsurf as much as possible!

Grom of the Year

Colson ZackColson is 15 and has been windsurfing at a high level for 3 years now. He is always the first on the water and last one off and his skills have been improving tremendously. He is always stoked about windsurfing and loves to sail with others talk about windsurfing with others and trying to improve and learn more each time.

Kevin Johnston:  Kevin was the Grom of the Year last year and has continued his worthiness as Grom of the Year again in 2015.  Sailing more days than almost anyone else without a driver’s lisence.  He is often found being dropped off at the Waterfront Park all day.

Pelle Bergstrom: Pelle is another Grom who is always ripping around on his windsurfer (when he is not excelling in the SUP racing world).  He is always stoked and sails with his family.

Gorge Windsurfer of the Year

Ingrid Larouche: Ingrid stepped up her competition game this year touring on the PWA.  She rips the Gorge as good as anyone and we are stoked to see what she has in store next!

MacRae Wylde:  MacRae had a huge year in the Gorge Cup race series, taking home first place for the season.  Not to mention an excellent finish in the Gorge Paddle Challenge race.

Anna Rohden:  Anna has stepped up her game this year as well.  She has gotten a lot of windsurfing days under her belt, and competed on the AWT this year as well.  Keep your eye on what she has in store next!




2015 Gorge Windsurfing Awards

It’s that time of year for us to recognize the Gorge windsurfers who stood out from all the rest. We are now accepting nominations for the following categories.

Dale Cook Award: We all know Dale gets the biggest airs in the Gorge; that’s why we named this award after him. Now we want to know who else is going big and hucking huge. Be sure to send us a picture of the big air!

Most Stoked: You know these people- their smiles are contagious and adds to your stoke. His or her positive attitude inspires and adds joy to your sessions.

Most Selfless Windsurfer: This may reflect a one-time rescue or rescue attempt, or several selfless acts of kindness to fellow Gorge windsurfers.

Grom of the Year: Groms 18 years of age and under are a big part of the Gorge windsurfing community. This youth windsurfer is a good role model for his or her peers & enthusiastic about Gorge windsurfing.

Gorge Windsurfer of the Year: This person is a steward of the Gorge and of windsurfing. He or she is a positive influence within the community. Overall good spirit, friendly windsurfer, kind to comrades and strangers, embodies and/or respects the Gorge lifestyle, etc.

TO NOMINATE please fill out the following form:

Nominations will be accepted until Sunday, September, 6th.  Submissions received after then will not be considered.  Awards will be announced and presented at the awards party on Friday September 11th at the Butler Bank Social Club at 301 Oak St.

All submissions (including pictures) are property of CGWA, and may be shared with our members and the public at CGWA’s discretion.