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Board Elections 2016

All current members will be receiving an email ballot this week to vote on board members whose terms expire. We have 5 seats and one Youth representative seat expiring, and all 6 of them are running to keep their positions. We also have 3 nominations for candidates to run for those seats as well, and write-ins are welcome.  You can read more about the candidates here.

Please stay tuned to your emails, voting will close January 6th, 2017. Thank you to all for your participation.

Board Member Notes: WHY WE WINDSURF – WHAT CGWA IS – AND HOW IT HELPS by Barb Ayers

Elvis nose riderIMG_0729SQUAREWhat is it about the sport of windsurfing that keeps us going, year after year, chasing wind throughout the Gorge and across the globe?

How changing and challenging it can be – from morning to afternoon, different times of year, at different beaches, in different conditions?

The kind of cool outdoor people it brings together?

The way it tests you and makes you grow?

How it thrills you with wild speed, big air, beautiful scenery and grand adventures?

How it connects you with nature, water, cliffs and Gorge river cultures?

How it infuses us with STOKE?

Yes to all of the above!


I’m involved in CGWA because it’s a non profit with the sole focus of helping my favorite sport – improving windsurfing access in the Gorge – improving beaches, educating youth – and hosting watersports events that bring us together to celebrate the Gorge lifestyle and our love of wind and waves.

CGWA has been a non-profit working to help windsurfers have more fun, and have better access to Gorge beaches, for 29 years. Next year, CGWA turns 30! We are a member-supported community benefit organization.

Examples of CGWA’s work:

  • Our latest project is the addition of steps at the middle launch of The Hatchery. The Hatch’s rocky launch is tricky on a good day and getting out with dignity when you’re spent from sailing is even harder.

Our project has been in permitting review with WA State Parks and the Army Corps of Engineers for more than a year and we’re committed to enhancing access at this epicenter of Gorge windsurfing. The goal is to make water entry easier and safer – for you and your gear.

  • CGWA also bought and maintains Swell City, a sailing spot on the Washington side just west of the Hatchery. We were able to do this, thanks to the real estate savvy of Sean Aiken, hard work by our staff and Board – and using BNSF mitigation dollars we manage for the windsurfing community after railway impacts changed Doug’s Beach.
  • CGWA’s Groms program for kids and our new A Team training program for teens is helping to bring young people up through the sport – which is essential to keep the sport healthy– and to give kids a healthy outdoor lifestyle boost.
  • We partnered with Hood River Port and Hood River Parks & Rec to add the new windsurf/SUP ramp access on the west side of The Hook. This launch adds new access for water sports and opens up sailing access to the corridor. We ponied up $70,000 to support this project.

The west Hook launch offers Windsurfers and SUPers an important next step after graduating from the Hook pond – this new launch gets you on the river, while staying away from barge traffic as you move up in the sport. It’s windier and more open than the Hook and it’s a nice step up. When you’re ready to hit the main Columbia, just head on out from the protected inside area between the Hook and Wells Island.

  • Events like Beach Bash (the event formerly known as WindFest,) Gear Swap Meets, King of the Hook, Pray for Wind Party, Freestyle Frenzy and End of Season Party and awards fan the windsurfing stoke.
  • Hosting work parties and sponsoring periodic improvements at Rowena, The Hatchery and other Gorge beaches.
  • Signage, maps, advocacy and education about local sailing sites and enhancing watersports access.

Hopefully we see you at CGWA events – but even if we don’t, your annual CGWA membership, gear or cash donations, business sponsorships – help CGWA continue its important work– as it has for 29 years – ensuring the viability of Gorge windsurfing, now and for future generations.

THANK YOU for your support of CGWA – here so that all of us – and all those to follow – can continue to sail away!

See ya on the water,

Barb Ayers and the Gorge surf dogs,, and CGWA Board Vice President

CGWA Business Partner Highlight


CGWA wants to thank Stonehedge Gardens Restaurant for being the annual sponsor and venue for our Pray for Wind Party, part of summer Beach Bash festivities in June.

Because Stonehedge hosts the Pray for Wind Party for us, we are able to fundraise even more support for the CGWA Grom program, which is teaching the next gen of windsurfers the love of our sport and the great outdoors.

Stonehedge is a killer venue- a beautiful historic home, great for fine dining with an amazing outdoor patio setting, perfect for special events. The patio creates a great mood with twinkle lights, outdoor fire pits, tiki torches, cobblestone floors, live music and of course, great food and drinks.

Also on property is an outdoor wedding venue, tucked into 7 acres of forest woodlands.

Stonehedge has a great happy hour, fantastic menu and wines – nice hospitality – we can’t say enough about these guys. They host weddings, catered events and the owners are very active in the Hood River community.

Special thanks to Mike and Shawna Caldwell for their support of CGWA. Mike’s a windsurfer and has been supportive of the Groms program, which is all about opening up windsurfing for more local youth.

Stonehedge is a perfect stop for your next date or outing – they’re located off Cascade Avenue on Hood River’s west side, near I-84 and Cascade Ave.

Please show Stonehedge your love – next time you are out and about, for happy hour, events or a fantastic meal.

Stonehedge Gardens

3405 Wine Country Avenue

Hood River, Oregon




I-84 to exit 62, right onto Cascade St., next right onto Wine Country Ave – up two blocks on the left – road winding up into the trees.


Written by Barb Ayers, CGWA Board Vice President

Welcome to the Gorge Windsurfing Community Coffman Engineers!

coffman-engineersWe would like to send a warm and friendly welcome to our newest Business Member: Coffman Engineers, Inc.  We are so thankful for all the generous support from our membership.  To learn more or to sign up for your own Business Membership, please contact us at or sign up HERE.

Coffman Engineers recently opened a Hood River office.  Here is a bit about who they are:

“At Coffman Engineers, we serve as both prime consultant and sub consultant on projects large and small, including commercial, retail, institutional, government, industrial, and project/construction management. Incorporated in 1979, we have offices in Anchorage, Alaska; Bozeman, Montana; Hagatna, Guam; Honolulu, Hawaii; Los Angeles & Oakland, California; and Seattle & Spokane, Washington – serving clients all over the United States as well as overseas.

To meet client objectives and to integrate our many disciplines, we can create teams comprised of structural, mechanical, electrical, corrosion control, and civil engineers, as well as project/construction managers and professionals in a variety of specialty services. This ability has made us a leader in the engineering and construction communities, and has strengthened our reputation as being progressive, innovative, and a great place to work.”

Board Member Notes by Tom Kosmalski


Jump!@I’ve always thought that one of the great things about windsurfing is that the learning curve goes on nearly forever. Not the kind of sport where you plateau after three seasons. Here’s my take on that:

1981: Browbeaten into taking longboard lessons by some co-workers. Three evenings of falling off the board, climbing back on, and falling off again. Fourth and final lesson, and…..things click. Actual sailing! Follow instructor back to shop and purchase first board, a Dufour Wing!

1982: Fun ensues, but can’t really make it work in high winds. Pivoting daggerboard and harness recommended and purchased, and they work! Suddenly kinda sorta planing to exhaustion in high(er) winds!

1983: F2 Strato purchased with retractable daggerboard which allows full-on planing for the first time, as well as the elusive foot-steering via real foot straps. Jibes are a blast, but no real full-planing “power jibes” with a near-twelve foot board.

1984: Waterstart? Sounds like make believe. Swell!Two hours of struggling and being blown slowly across a lake, and it actually starts to work (some of the time)!

Early 1985: Sailboard 295 purchased. First “short” board — thanks to Open Ocean’s Brian Hinde for the awesome design! Now we’re talking. Planing jibes. One evening of breakthrough jibing in an offshore wind on Lake Superior. Twenty knots and glass smooth water. No better way to get the hang of jibing.

August 1985 – 88: Move to Gorge. Get knackered. Meet so many great people. Slowly get the hang of things. Break SO MUCH stuff (1985!). Swim in SO MANY times. Buy glass board — wow. Start riding swells. Learn to duck jibe. Learn to jibe ON a swell. Do two jibes on a swell! Start learning to jump AND TO LAND!

Never look back. Still here trying to tear and turn it up 31 years later!!!!

Bands of Beach Bash

We are stoked to have so much awesome live music coming to town for 10 Barrel Beach Bash 2016 – June 23rd – June 26th

Here is the lineup:

Thursday – Pray For Wind Party at Stonehedge Gardens – 6-10pm with local favorite Bart Popenoe

Friday’s Outdoor Concert at the Waterfront Park, 6-10pm.

We are stoked to have Dirty Revival coming out from PDX to rock the Park.  Check out their latest music video here:

Saturday, we have music all day lined up at the Hood River Event Site starting at 11AM

Kids show from the Underground Music Station

Brand new local band, Soul Prophet, featuring Amber Nelson on lead vocals.

Another local ringer, Antonyms.  Check them out @antonymsmusic.

Closing the evening is a Gorge Windsurfing favorite – The Ultronz!  New or old to the Gorge, you will not want to miss these guys rock the Beach!

CGWA Business Partner Highlight: A Kidz Dental Zone

dental zone 2Who can’t resist returning a bright, healthy smile? At A Kidz Dental Zone, the business at hand is growing and maintaining irresistible smiles with healthy teeth and gums. Patients and families receive oral care and education at cheerful clinics that are brightly decorated with murals created by artist Mark Nilsson. The art depicts outdoor lifestyle scenes from around the Columbia River Gorge that scream, “Go outside, get moving, enjoy the fresh air and beauty!”

A Kidz Dental Zone came to the Gorge in 1999 and currently operates out of two locations, one in Hood River and one in The Dalles. The clinics are specifically designed for children and create a positive, inviting and secure atmosphere. Pediatric dentistry is their specialty and the entire Oral Health Team reflects that purpose in specialty training and passion. Children and their health fuel Dr. Houses’ advocacy at local, state and national levels.

denatl zone 1

Although the offices are shiny, clean and beautiful, Dr. House and his staff don’t spend all their time in the office. They are involved with our local community in many different ways. These include partnerships with Head Start, WIC, and the Health Departments in both Washington and Oregon. Their tooth fairy visits local schools and preschools to teach the importance of oral hygiene in a non-threatening environment. The fun factor is bumped up with a free pool party and BBQ in July, giveaways at Families in the Park, and fun games with prizes at the Hood River County Fair. They sponsor the Gorge Kids’ Triathlon, the Apple Knockers’ Kids’ 3-D archery shoot, the Bed Pan Open, Mom Prom and FFA to name a zone 3

CGWA is proud to have A Kidz Dental Zone as a sponsor for our Gorge Groms Youth Program again this year and looks forward to seeing them at the Beach Bash in June. For all your oral pediatric and adolescent care, A Kidz Dental Zone has the most experienced Pediatric Oral Health Team in the Gorge by far. They care about kids, know how to make them smile and make smiles dazzle.

CGWA Business Partner Highlight: Director’s Mortgage

The CGWA is proud and honored to have so many business partners throughout the Gorge.  In a new web series, we are taking time to highlight and thank our local business members that support us.


The mighty Columbia River flows very near everyone 24/7-  but only a few dare to take on the challenge of harnessing  the power of the wind and swell with a sail and board-  somehow  our physical body, mind and soul occupies the area between the board and the sail – and we then become “one”  with the wind and the water. 

Director Mortgage's Steve Wolf is a Swell City regular

Director Mortgage’s Steve Wolf is a Swell City regular

Once this epic sensation is achieved – many realize that a life change is in order which oftentimes involves  a relocation to the Gorge and yes for some…. a home loan.

Directors Mortgage has been a  local Oregon based company since 1998 and for many years has been a supporter of CGWA. Directors Mortgage specializes in residential mortgage loans, purchases, refinances, constructions loans, reverse mortgages and debt consolidation. 

Directors Mortgage is an area lender well respected in the area because of its Team Members including Steve Wolf – a regular Swell City rider with 25 years of experience as a mortgage lender in the Gorge and as a Swell City user.  Steve is a CGWA member himself and has served on the Swell City Planning Committee in the more recent past and many may agree he is an approachable swell guy. 

On behalf of CGWA, I’d like to thank Directors Mortgage for its ongoing support of CGWA.

Steve Gibson

CGWA Board Member