Strategies and Values

Our Values

CGWA’s programs and projects are guided by the following principles.  These are our beliefs, and they set the tone for all our decisions:

  • Fun!
  • Safe windsurfing sites and safety conscious windsurfers
  • A broad range of opportunities for anyone interested in windsurfing
  • Youth involvement in windsurfing
  • Responsible stewardship of the resources supporting windsurfing, which includes beaches, funds, and people
  • Integrity and transparency within the CGWA membership and Board
  • Support from our membership and community

Our Goals

CGWA works hard to maximize the positive impact of our resources.  These are our main goals:

  • Improve and protect existing sites along the Columbia River; seek out opportunities to create new ones.
  • Build an engaged and energized community of windsurfers in the Gorge.
  • Be responsive to and representative of the CGWA membership.
  • Build and maintain CGWA as a financially sustainable organization that proactively addresses growing and changing resource needs.

Fun for Everyone