Monthly Archives: January 2016

New Year, New Board

The CGWA held its first board meeting of the new year with our board of directors for 2016.  We have 6 new board members added to a solid crew of veterans that are all excited to get a lot done!  We’ve got exciting actions on the docket including owning and operating Swell City, stepping our community event, Beach Bash, up a notch, improving our kids program, Gorge Groms, putting our used gear/Swap Meet trailer to better use, creating an access improvement at the mid launch of the Hatchery, adding new demo and photo/video events to the summer, and providing high-quality content and information to our members.


(From Left to Right) Greg Stiegel (E.D.), Steve Gibson, Eddy Patricceli, Andy Crafts (Secretary), Ryan Kolberg, Kevin Johnston (Youth Rep.), Dave Nunn, Mike Schock (President), Tom Kosmalski, Steve Schmidt (Treasurer), Bart Vervloet, Sean Aiken, Barb Ayers (Vice President). Missing from photo: David Ojala and Roxanne McClure.