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VOTE NOW: 2015 Gorge Windsurfing Awards

Here are your nominees:

Dale Cook Big Air Award

Antonio Blanco:  Antonio is right there with Dale jumping as high as he does! Their Huckers are always above the sky line and above anyone else!

Sean Aiken: Sean is out on the biggest days always going big!

JP Bowels:  There were countless photos of JP going huge in the Gorge and on the coast this summer.  He is out on every big day and goes as big as anyone else.

Most Selfless Windsurfer

Jerry-Anne Devlin: Jerry-Anne is always smiling, and always saying “get out there.”  Not to mention her countless hours of volunteering to get prizes for the Pray For Wind Party this year. 

Tim Requa:  Tim was instrumental in putting together the CGWA’s Beach Bash this year.  He is also more than willing to help promote any and all windsurfing events.

Kidz Dental Zone:  The Kidz Dental Zone stepped up huge sponsoring the CGWA Gorge Groms program this year.  They are very motivated to help promote kids windsurfing in the Gorge!

Most Stoked Windsurfer

Lisa Macy: I think Lisa sails more days than anyone in the Gorge, starts in March and ends in Nov. always with a smile and great enthusiasm no matter what the conditions.

Steve WatsonSteve is by far the most dedicated sailor in the Gorge easily getting out more than anyone averaging I would say 200+ days/year! His passion is apparent on and off the water.

Anna Rohden: Anna windsurfers as much as anyone and always has a huge smile on her face.  She is definitely STOKED to windsurf as much as possible!

Grom of the Year

Colson ZackColson is 15 and has been windsurfing at a high level for 3 years now. He is always the first on the water and last one off and his skills have been improving tremendously. He is always stoked about windsurfing and loves to sail with others talk about windsurfing with others and trying to improve and learn more each time.

Kevin Johnston:  Kevin was the Grom of the Year last year and has continued his worthiness as Grom of the Year again in 2015.  Sailing more days than almost anyone else without a driver’s lisence.  He is often found being dropped off at the Waterfront Park all day.

Pelle Bergstrom: Pelle is another Grom who is always ripping around on his windsurfer (when he is not excelling in the SUP racing world).  He is always stoked and sails with his family.

Gorge Windsurfer of the Year

Ingrid Larouche: Ingrid stepped up her competition game this year touring on the PWA.  She rips the Gorge as good as anyone and we are stoked to see what she has in store next!

MacRae Wylde:  MacRae had a huge year in the Gorge Cup race series, taking home first place for the season.  Not to mention an excellent finish in the Gorge Paddle Challenge race.

Anna Rohden:  Anna has stepped up her game this year as well.  She has gotten a lot of windsurfing days under her belt, and competed on the AWT this year as well.  Keep your eye on what she has in store next!




2015 Gorge Windsurfing Awards

It’s that time of year for us to recognize the Gorge windsurfers who stood out from all the rest. We are now accepting nominations for the following categories.

Dale Cook Award: We all know Dale gets the biggest airs in the Gorge; that’s why we named this award after him. Now we want to know who else is going big and hucking huge. Be sure to send us a picture of the big air!

Most Stoked: You know these people- their smiles are contagious and adds to your stoke. His or her positive attitude inspires and adds joy to your sessions.

Most Selfless Windsurfer: This may reflect a one-time rescue or rescue attempt, or several selfless acts of kindness to fellow Gorge windsurfers.

Grom of the Year: Groms 18 years of age and under are a big part of the Gorge windsurfing community. This youth windsurfer is a good role model for his or her peers & enthusiastic about Gorge windsurfing.

Gorge Windsurfer of the Year: This person is a steward of the Gorge and of windsurfing. He or she is a positive influence within the community. Overall good spirit, friendly windsurfer, kind to comrades and strangers, embodies and/or respects the Gorge lifestyle, etc.

TO NOMINATE please fill out the following form:

Nominations will be accepted until Sunday, September, 6th.  Submissions received after then will not be considered.  Awards will be announced and presented at the awards party on Friday September 11th at the Butler Bank Social Club at 301 Oak St.

All submissions (including pictures) are property of CGWA, and may be shared with our members and the public at CGWA’s discretion.