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2013 Gorge Windsurfing Awards – VOTE NOW

2013 Gorge Windsurfing Awards

The nominations are in and it is time to vote for the 2013 Gorge Windsurfing Awards. Check out who is nominated and fill out the brief voting section bellow.  Please vote no more than once per day.

The Awards will be announced at the CGWA’s end of the year party on Friday , September 6th from 6pm-10pm at The Ruins at Springhouse Cellars.  Food and drinks available for purchase. For your entertainment we have a double feature movie premier as well!  Come watch some great windsurfing action in Don’t Let Go & New Hawaii.   Free admission.

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Dale Cook “Big Air” Award 

1.  Whit Poor:  He threw multiple Huuuuge Backs at Doug’s on “the” big July day it was gusting over 50! Dale would have been proud!  Not to mention he got the official highest jump at the Freestyle Frenzy Jump Off this year, clocking in at over 28 feet!

2.  Dale Cook:  Dale won the Freestyle Frenzy Jump Off this year.  He is also just a great person who represents our sport well, and always takes time to give people advice and motivation to enjoy windsurfing.  Oh, also, this award is named after him!

3. Fiona Wylde:  Fiona might not jump as high as Dale or Whit, but she is have a BIG year none the less.  She is a good role model for her peers & enthusiastic about Gorge windsurfing.

4. Ingrid Larouche:  Ingrid has had a BIG year on the competition circuit this year.  Most important to consider for the Big Air award is her first place finish at the Freestyle Frenzy’s Big Air Jump Off!

Most Selfless Windsurfer

1. Will Richards:  Will has for many years taken it upon himself to work diligently on fixes for both the Hatchery and Doug’s Beach. For the Hatchery he has been instrumental in improving the kid’s cove on the east end. His hard work has paid off and he’ll be continuing to work on this until completion. With his guidance I’ve worked with him many times at this location and have witnessed his total devotion to the task.

2. Bruce Peterson:  He deserves to be in the running for all of his contributions to the sport, on and off the race course.

3.  Tom Hedman:  Give a hand to “Hand off” Tom for always jumping into the rescue mode whenever there is distress on the water. He has rescued countless windsurfers, kiters and whoever else needs assistance, no matter how long it may take. He hangs out in a Sprinter van at the Event Site and Roosevelt if you want to hear some of the tales.

Most Stoked Windsurfer 

1.  Ben Vorster:  Ben sails every month of the year and is always ready for a session, wherever the wind is blowing when he’s not working as your friendly neighborhood pharmacist at Rite Aid, he’s windsurfing Dawn Patrol, or sailing with his daughter or 70+ year old, father.  Ben has also built about four different windsurfing boards by hand in his garage with custom artwork by his wife, local Zumba instructor and table tennis pro, Ellen Vorster.  Ben’s windsurfing stoke just doesn’t quit!

2.  Roxanne McClure: Her smile is contagious and adds to your stoke.  Her positive attitude inspires and adds joy to others sessions and she loves working with the Groms.

3.  Rhys Harriman:  Rhys passed away in June and if you ask me this award should be named after him. Ask anyone at Swell City and they will tell you that Rhys would give the shirt off his back if it would get you back on the water. He always let people demo his gear and if you broke something he probably had a loaner you could use. You could always count on him for a smile and encouragement.

4.  Elvis & Dude, The Gorge Hounds:  The are basset bros that windsurf, surf and wake board together. They graduated to the Gorge in 2007 and ride tandem at Windfest and King of the Hook to support CGWA.   They also ride their dog surf mobile (land board) every year in the Hood River July 4, holiday parades and rescue dog events – to help stoke the next gen surf groms on the sport and show that Gorge windsurfers are active in our community.   Despite being born sinkers and runaway rescue dogs, you can’t keep them off a board. Their home beach is Mosier’s Rocky Creek and their favorite camp overs are San Carlos and the Wall. The surf hounds took up SUP to add more water time as arthritis set in- they’re now nearing 90 in dog years. Dude rides, though he lost both eyes to glaucoma. Elvis has a bad back and still he Hangs 20.

5.  Fiona Wylde:  We don’t need to say anything, she deserves this award due to her own accomplishments at such a young age. She is hands down the most decorated young female athlete the world has seen to date.  She is always 100% STOKED to get on the water, no matter in what form and is always encouraging to get others out there as well.

6.  Todd De Witt:  This guy sails a ton! 100 + days a year and many times 2 or 3 sites in a day. Started sailing this year in March. Todd is almost always stoked about the wind. He is very friendly to every one on the beach. never complains about the wind, his attitude is contagious. I love sailing with this guy. Remember………… Attitude is Everything.

7.  Sylvie Lussier:  Because she spends and incredible amount of time on the water during her vacations in July, mostly at The Hatchery, spreading her contagious smile. Will sail anything from a 2.9 to 5.9, For her, it’s all good!

Grom of the Year 

1. Tyler Tschritter:  Tyler Tschritter is one stoked teen when it comes to windsurfing! Learning to windsurf in Corpus Christi when he was ten, Tyler, now 17, has fallen in love with the swells and the race scene that the Gorge provides. Tyler works at Big Winds teaching kids how to waterstart, plane, and get hooked in. If that isn’t a full day in itself, he is always ready to get a post work session out at the Doug’s, the Hatch, or wherever the wind is best. This summer Tyler and his four siblings jumped in and participated in the Gorge Cup Race Series. Tyler finished in the top 15 in his first race and worked his way up to an eighth place finish before he had to return to Texas for school. Not only did Tyler race, he also participated in the Gorge Freestyle Frenzy, nailing epic text book gorge-style jumps. Tyler is a perfect example of a grom enjoying what summer in the Gorge has to provide!

2.  Alex Chadney:   Alex deserves to be in the conversation as Grom of the Year. When Alex told me a few years ago that he wanted to learn how to windsurf, I thought it would be a passing fancy that would quickly fade as he found it to be a difficult and frustrating experience. He didn’t give up though. When he told me at the end of his first year of surfing that he was going to be an instructor the following summer, I thought my kid was a bit delusional – on a board for a few months and know he thinks he can teach? Well, he proved me wrong. Alex is now finishing up his second year of being an instructor for Hood River Water Play.  When Alex said he was going to enter into competitive races this year, how could I possibly doubt his resolve? The kid has said what he was going to do, put all his heart and soul into it and made it a reality. He has some amazing drive to accomplish what he has a passion for. It doesn’t matter where he finishes in a competition. He is constantly posting wind conditions and giving shout outs to other surfers on his Facebook page – all because he loves what he does and how it makes him feel when he is on the water.

3.  Fiona Wylde:  Fiona has stacked up another slue of accomplishments this year: Overallleader in Gorge Cup, top finishes on AWT, top finishes and overall Waterwomen at the Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge.

Gorge Windsurfer of the Year 

1.  Fiona Wylde:  Fiona competes in 2 disciplines in windsurfing- slalom and wavesailing. This season, she was the first woman in the history of the Gorge Cup to be the overall winner at the end of a race day-May 18, and repeated that for the two day Gorge Cup races on July 20-21 that saw the windiest days in years of racing. In the AWT wavesailing events she has been Second in every women’s event, has won the youth division and has advanced significantly in the Amateur bracket.

2.  Matt Sweeting:  He is a great steward of the Gorge and of windsurfing. He is a positive influence within the community. Overall good spirit, friendly windsurfer, kind to comrades and strangers, embodies and/or respects the Gorge lifestyle, etc.

3.  Mitch Gingrich:  Mitch is a classic Gorge Windsurfer.  He is always fun to watch on the water and fun to listen to off the water.  Mitch won the Freestyle Frenzy “Gorge Style”  division this year at the Hatchery, beating out other classic Gorge Windsurfers, Jake Miller and JP Bowels.

4.  Ingrid Larouche:  Ingrid has been not only at the top of the women’s Gorge Windsurfing game for a while, but she crushes it all over the country year in year out.  For 2013, Ingrid has taken the 1st place finish in the AWT Santa Cruz, Pistol River, Baja, and Peru events!  She has also racked up 1st place finishes at the Gorge Freestyle Frenzy and the Big Air Jump Off.  That’s a lot of 1st’s!  Not to mention she was nominated for the AWSI windsurfer of the year award.

End of Season BBQ

The CGWA is stoked to share the Northwave gazebo for a celebratory BBQ immediately following the last swap meet of the season coming up this Sunday.

Where:  Luhr Jensen Parking lot near the Northwave entrance

What:  BBQ open to anyone.  Hot dogs and refreshments provided by Northwave.  Donations or other food accepted

When:  This SUNDAY, Sept. 1st, starting at noon

Who:  ALL are welcome

Why:  Because we have had a great season!

Be sure to come to the Swap Meet that morning to check out all the deals!

2013 Gorge Windsurfing Awards

It’s that time of year for us to recognize the Gorge windsurfers who stood out from all the rest. We are now accepting nominations for the following categories.

Dale Cook Award: We all know Dale gets the biggest airs in the Gorge; that’s why we named this award after him. Now we want to know who else is going big and hucking huge. Be sure to send us a picture of the big air! 2012 Winner: Tim Requa.

Most Stoked: You know these people- their smiles are contagious and adds to your stoke. His or her positive attitude inspires and adds joy to your sessions. 2012 Winner: Jay Watermayer

Most Selfless Windsurfer: This may reflect a one-time rescue or rescue attempt, or several selfless acts of kindness to fellow Gorge windsurfers. 2012 Winner: Temira Wagonfeld.
Grom of the Year: Groms 18 years of age and under are a big part of the Gorge windsurfing community. This youth windsurfer is a good role model for his or her peers & enthusiastic about Gorge windsurfing. 2012 Winner: Fiona Wylde.
Gorge Windsurfer of the Year: This person is a steward of the Gorge and of windsurfing. He or she is a positive influence within the community. Overall good spirit, friendly windsurfer, kind to comrades and strangers, embodies and/or respects the Gorge lifestyle, etc. 2012 Winner: Jay Watermayer.

TO NOMINATE please fill out the following form:

Nominations will be accepted until noon on Wednesday, August 28th.  Submissions received after then will not be considered.  Awards will be announced and presented at the awards party.  Time and Location TBA

All submissions (including pictures) are property of CGWA, and may be shared with our members and the public at CGWA’s discretion.