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Swap Meet

Second to last swap meet of the season coming up!

WHEN:  Sunday August 4, 7am
WHERE:  Luhr Jensen Parking lot, next to the Waterfront Park
WHAT:  All sports swap meet
WHO: Sellers show up at 7am ($10), Buyers show up at 8am (FREE)
WHY:  Because we all need more gear and need to get rid of some gear

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Board Member Notes Vol. V

CGWA Board Member Notes

Vol. V by Roxanne McClure

Three things that definitely bother me:

  • Litter, especially when a trash can is a stone’s throw away
  • Grumpy expressions on faces out on the water (really bothersome if it’s on my face!)
  • Piles of retired sails and kites doomed for the landfill

Several years ago, as a new CGWA board member, I discovered I enjoyed volunteering at the Swap Meets.  It was a fun way to get acquainted with fellow board members and mingle with friends.  A side effect that I experienced was great waves of nostalgia as I handled a large volume of used gear. “Remember how these pins used to pinch your fingers when you extended the booms? Ouch!  My first short board was a Tiga just like this! They’re indestructible.”

The CGWA accepts donations of all kinds that we sell at local Swap Meets to fund our youth program, Gorge Groms.  Equipment that is too old, beat up or outdated we don’t sell and it must eventually be transported to the Hood River Transfer Station for relocation to the nearest landfill.  Unfortunately, some days after the Swap, the pile of outdated equipment is quite large.  What a waste to discard perfectly good sail material, because it no longer functions efficiently.

One day, Dave Rutherford, owner of Barkley Sound Bags ( drove down from Seattle and loaded his car with all the sails that would soon be doomed to “the pile.”  He sews and sells beautiful tote and duffle bags that are created from old sailboat and windsurfing sails and was in search of raw material.  We were mutually delighted with the new relationship.

“I love that idea,” I thought, and my hobby business, Sew Swell, was born! I have been crafting and selling tote bags, clutch purses and wallets ever since and have recently branched out to creating grocery and messenger bags made from retired kites.  Seeing old sails and kites transformed into whimsical, one of a kind bags that stir up memories and travel the world is a blast! It’s also, satisfying to know the landfill is a bit less full because of this mini-quest.

If you would like to tote a bag that is “Sew Swell”, message me on FaceBook/SewSwell, send me an email: or come check them out at one of the local Swap Meets!  The next one is this Saturday, July 7th at Windance!

So, chase down any litter you see blowing in the wind, remember to smile when you’re out on the water and, if you have an idea for a new life purpose for battens, I have a pile of them you can pick up anytime!

Trying to live by one of my Dad’s favorite sayings, “Waste not, want not,”

Roxanne McClure