Vote for the Gorge Windsurfing Awards

2012 Gorge Windsurfing Awards

The nominations are in and it is time to vote for the 2012 Gorge Windsurfing Awards.  Check out who is nominated and fill out the brief voting section bellow.

The Awards will be announced at the CGWA’s end of the year party on Thursday, September 13th from 6pm-9pm at The Ruins at Springhouse Cellars.  Food from Four and Twenty Blackbirds and beer and wine from Springhouse Cellars.  Free admission.

Dale Cook “Big Air” Award

1.  Whit Poor:  I take photos in the gorge all the time and no one gets higher that Whit

2.  Rob Warwick:  Trudy Lary got a photo of a HUGE stalled forward Rob threw at the Hatch

3. “Lex” Luther Oas: He jumps and loops with the greatest of ease!

4.  Tim Requa: Tim has gone bigger than anyone else, longer than anyone else in The Gorge. Guys half his age can’t even touch him. From The Hatch to Doug’s to The Wall, you’ll see Tim getting huge port air with his patented aerial kick and down the wave landings!

Most Selfless Windsurfer

1. John and Sharon Chao:  John and Sharon are the Event Site park hosts and are down there every single day of the summer.  The pick up after everyone, answer questions, help coordinate events, and everything in between always with a smile on their faces.  The Port of Hood River, as well as all of the event coordinators this season are lucky to have them there!

2. Temira Wagonfeld:  Provides a wonderful service, getting up early and stoking the adrenaline fires. She also posts on iWindsurf with onsite reports.

Most Stoked Windsurfer

1. Fiona Wylde:  She is the most stoked windsurfer I know. It doesn’t matter that she is a grom, she encourages and exudes “stoke” like no one else.

2.  Jay Watermayer:  When Jay is not teaching groms and family friends how to sail at the hook or practicing new freestyle tricks at the hatchery, he is sharing the gorge windsurfing stoke at the event site giving pointers and friendly advice on anything from gear/gybes to fun activities to do in the gorge.

3.  Ryan Kolberg:  Ryan is THE guy at NoLimitz and is always stoked on windsurfing.  He loves heading to the Waddell and Pistol AWT stops as well as all the local Gorge events.  Ryan will rig and re-rig all day long just to keep his session going.  I have never heard Ryan say anything negative and he is a great ambassador for NoLimitz and the sport of windsurfing.

Grom of the Year

1. Fiona Wylde:  Fiona continues to dominate windsurf competitions around the country.  She has been killing it on the AWT.  She was a staple in the Gorge Cup race series and she did extremely well at the US Windsurfing Nationals.

2. Ben Grodner:  Ben is always stoked to go windsurfing or SUPing.  He won the Junior class at the US Windsurfing Nationals, placing 16th overall.  Not to mention he held his own in the Elite division of the Gorge Paddle Challenge.

Gorge Windsurfer of the Year

1. Tyson Poor:  Tyson has been pushing the limits of windsurfing in the gorge. He has been known as a freestyle specialist, one of the best, but now he is also one of, if not the fastest slalom sailors in the Gorge, and the nation. He will sail where the wind is good and is always fun to watch.

2.  Jay Watermayer:  Jay’s Sailing abilities has improved tremendously this year, after he got 3rd place at the 2012 North American Slalom Mens Championship, 3rd at the 2012 US Nationals Formula Mens Championship, 5th place at the 2012 US Nationals Mens Slalom Championship, 7th at the 2012 US Nationals Mens Freestyle Championship, and is currently sitting around 15th in the mens amateurs division of the American Windsurfing Wave Tour; one of the only competitors in the US that competes in all aspects of windsurfing.  If you are looking for a more stoked, more kind, more athletic, and stronger Gorge advocate then Jay, you simply will not find one.