:: Hood River Waterfront FAQ

This post is meant to answer recent questions about the Hood River waterfront beaches.  Please contact cgwa@gorge.net if you have more questions, and make your voice heard at the Port’s upcoming Waterfront Recreation meeting:

Port Waterfront Recreation Committee Meeting

  • Date: July 18th
  • Time: 3:30 – 4:45pm
  • Location: Port building by the bridge here

What is going on with windsurfing and kiteboarding usage along the Hood River beaches this year?

As you likely know, the high water levels flooded the spit in the springtime and have yet to recede to usable levels.  As such, as temporary mitigation for the kite community, temporary access was allowed from both the Marina and Event Site.

It has been a long time since waterfront designation has been discussed at the Port Commission level, and since then the environment has changed a lot (the spit grew in 2007, kiting was born and stuck around, and the Waterfront Park was built and is great).  This year has been a bit of an experiment for user groups along the waterfront, at the Marina, (flooded) Spit, and Event Site.

There is a Port subcommittee meeting on Monday, July 18th, that will address site access along the Hood River waterfront, and you are encouraged to attend.

Is it true that the Event Site is going to be a permanent kite beach?

This has never been discussed by the powers-that-be; however it is on the agenda for the Port’s Waterfront Rec Committee meeting on Monday, July 18th.

Will the decision be made at that meeting?

No.  That is a subcommittee of the Port Commission, and is not able to make decisions like this.  They will discuss it, and potentially bring a group consensus to the Port Commission at the next Commission meeting.  This is a big decision and would require input from the public and user groups; it will not be made in haste.

What else is on the agenda for that meeting?

The Waterfront Rec meeting agenda is posted online here.

How can I make my voice heard?

All Port meetings are public meetings and you are welcome to attend and give a brief testimony.  Written comments are also very effective, and should be addressed to all of the following: Michael McElwee, Port Director (mmcelwee@portofhoodriver.com), Laure Borton, Operations Manager (lborton@portofhoodriver.com), Jon Davies, Commission President (jon@columbiariverins.com), and CGWA (cgwa@gorge.net).

How can I make my written or spoken testimony effective?

Be brief and to the point.  Share a story that you personally were a part of or witnessed; testimony is much more effective when it’s told first hand.  Do not get into “us” vs. “them”, and instead focus on your personal experiences and observations.  Creative and effective solutions are always encouraged.

What is CGWA’s role in all this?

CGWA is in constant communication with our membership, the CGKA, and the Port of Hood River.  We are strong stakeholders in this decision and in other waterfront rec issues, and we make sure the voice of the windsurfers is heard at public meetings and in ongoing communications.  We will continue to be very involved with this decision and will be representative of our membership and the wind sport community in the Gorge.

We want to hear from you!  Please send your experiences- good and bad- to cgwa@gorge.net.  Your feedback is crucial to help us make decisions that are representative of the windsurfing community.