:: Get Kids Windsurfing!

The Columbia Gorge Windsurfing Association is fundraising for Gorge Groms, our kids windsurfing club. This is a unique program, providing gear, group sails, clinics, and even a Big Brothers Big Sisters clinic each year. Please support this program and make a donation today!

We have a fundraising page set up on our facebook page to donate directly toward replacing the gear in our kids program, Gorge Groms.

How can I donate?

  • If you are on facebook, you can donate online here.  Be sure to “share” the info to your personal or business wall as well, and help get others to donate.
  • If you aren’t on facebook, you can mail a check to:
    PO Box 182
    Hood River, OR 97031
    ** Please note in the memo section that your donation is for Gorge Groms.
Stoked groms

Stoked groms gear up for a King of the Hook clinic taught by seasoned instructors Andy Crafts and Pete Dekay (Editor of Windsport Magazine)

What does the money go toward?

  • $340 buys a new 1.2 complete rig
  • $350 buys a new 1.7 complete rig
  • $380 is a 2.5
  • $390 is a 3.3
  • $850 is a new board

In 2008 we received a grant from the Oregon Sports Authority Foundation to upgrade our wetsuits, helmets, and PFDs, so the kids feel cool in new gear while donning proper safety gear.

Kids cruise inside the safe and protected Hook in Hood River, Oregon

Testimonials from 2010 Gorge Groms:

  • “We were able to transition our daughter into shortboarding because of the availability of the different sized boards down there.”
  • “My grom started sailing this year. He did amazingly well, and is stoked to continue windsurfing. His excitement and progress would not have been so dramatic without the opportunity to start out with a good beginner board and small sail.”
  • “Our sport desperately needs YOUNGER sailers filling in the ranks for us gray-hairs. We did go out and buy a “grom” board and rig but with two boys, it became problematic as one boy always had to sit on the beach. Also, with changing wind conditions, we wouldn’t have enough sail, too much, not the right sized board … a challenge !! Enter the Gorge-Grom program. Good equipment for varied conditions, easy rigging scenarios, booties, wetsuits, PFDs, helmets, the ideal location. My boys were stoked and wanted to go windsurfing whenever they could. The other members of the Gorge Groms programs seem equally as appreciative and respectful of the program and its equipment as I know I am. Any donation to this program will only help to strengthen the love and appreciation of the sport with our youngest participants and begin to rebuild the younger ranks of windsurfing for many years to come.”
Advanced clinic

Advanced freestyle clinic taught by PWA competitor Phil Soltysiak, who ranked 6th int he world in 2010

What else can I do to help?

We are having a Pirates of the Columbia River fundraising dinner at Stonehedge Gardens in Hood River on July 26th, 6-9pm.  Every penny raised at that dinner will go toward the Gorge Groms program.  Please come!  And don your best pirate casual attire for a fun night of live marimba music and fine outdoor dining.

Thank you so much for supporting the next generation of rippers!