:: Current Swell, Live at Windfest

Interview by Katie Crafts, CGWA
Photos courtesy Current Swell

Current Swell will perform live at Gorge Windfest in Hood River, on June 25th.  We sat down with David Lang, vocalist and guitarist, to learn more about their plans and what they think of Hood River.  Check out some of their songs, below, and mark your calendar to see them live in Hood River this summer!

Listen :: Cursed :: New Reggae :: Eye for an Eye ::

Tell us about how you met and decided to become a band:

[David Lang, vocals/guitar]:  It was not really a decision it just sort of happened through support from friends and writing songs that seemed to carry themselves along in the world. After we started adding more than just the 3 of us originals, it seemed like a band but I never saw it like that until we all of a sudden had a booked gig.

Tell us about the band name Current Swell- how you chose it and what it means to you:

So after we had a booked gig we sort of were being asked for a band name. “Crap”. I honestly dont remember how it came up but we were all about surfing at the time, and somehow the swell came up and then current swell and then that was the name, we had a website, no turning back. Haha. To me it sort of ties into powerful things in the world to do with water. The current and the swell. Random, I know.

Your travels seem far and wide these days.  What is it like being on tour?  How do you travel, how long are you gone for, and what are some comforts of home that you miss most?

Being on tour can be good and bad. This is part of the reason we try to keep our trips to like around 2 weeks… although we used to regularily go out for like 6 weeks, it gets quite tough to go for more than a month for me personally.  We have started to go far and wide now that we can afford to fly places with the band, such as Australia, Hawaii, Eastern Canada. Although we can afford to fly, we are still a van band,  no busses here.  Haha.  Comforts of home I miss are definitely my girlfriend, the beautiful coastal city Victoria we live in etc.

Current Swell comes to Gorge Windfest, June 25-26

Who are your influences and idols, both in music and in life?

Lennon or McCartney,  hmm good question.  Haha.  Kidding. Well it always used to be about the classics, so for me, those 2 gents mentioned above, and Muddy and Bob (both) but now there are too many greats to even name with music these days.

Any advice to kids (and kids-at-heart) who might be toying with the idea of starting a band and going on tour?

Starting a band can be a very rewarding and challenging experience.  Its a tough career to make money in that’s for sure, but even if its just a cover band in someone’s basement I would say its worth giving it a shot.

Is this what you saw yourselves doing at this point in your life?  Has this been an expected or unexpected path for you?

I am constantly saying that this is nothing like I would have pictured my life.  I feel at times very blessed.

Current Swell comes to Gorge Windfest, June 25-26

What have you heard about Hood River, and what are you looking forward to doing while in town?  Have you ever windsurfed?  If not, want to give it a try?

I have heard of hood river through kiting and windsurfing buddies.  I would love to give it a shot, windsurfing,  but am more keen on getting a few waves on this trip.

What direction do you see your band headed in the next 5 years?  Any big plans on the horizon?

We are releasing our upcoming album in the fall,  which is big for us. Planning on opening up a couple more touring destinations. We would like to be playing a lot of major festivals in 5 years, but I honestly dont have a picture in my mind for the future.

Anything else you want to share with us?

Spread the word about us coming into the states! We want to meet many great ppl and go to many great places but it really helps to have a basic word of mouth campaign behind what we do.  Thanks!