+ Speak Up for The Hatchery, Doug’s Beach, and Maryhill

What do Maryhill, the Hatchery, and Doug’s beach have in common?  They are all managed by Washington State Parks.

As Washington State faces a potential $3 billion shortfall in the 2011-13 biennium, and an $8 billion shortfall in the 2013-15 biennium, these and other Washington State Parks are facing potential cutbacks and closures.

Learn more about Washington State’s budget issues [here].

How can I help?

The Washington State Governor’s Office is holding public hearings to get feedback on the public’s priorities.  If you enjoy outdoor recreation and park services, these are a great way to share your priorities with the people who make the decisions.  Two hearings remain:

  • **TONIGHT!** July 27, 7–9pm.Gaiser Hall Clark College 1933 Fort Vancouver Way Vancouver
  • July 29 5–7 pm. Spokane Community College Lair Student Center 1810 N. Greene St. Spokane
These hearings are critical to guiding the state’s priorities as they face major cutbacks.  Your support for State Parks matters, and your presence is important.

What if I can’t make a hearing?

If you can’t make the hearings, the Governor’s Office has set up an online submission form [here].  You can also vote on other peoples’ submitted ideas.  If you can’t participate in person, please participate in the online discussion.

What should I say?

Since the State is going to have to make decisions about all of their services, they need to hear that State Parks are an essential service of government.  Talk about State Parks – say how important they are – and that’s it.  DON’T say that they’re important, but so are all these other State services, as that will only downplay your point.  DON’T offer up new revenue ideas for the parks, as that will only guarantee that the general fund support for parks and recreation will be cut further.

DO simply state that State Parks have been open and available for public use for 97 years, and we expect them to remain open.

Thank you for your help!