+ Gorge Groms Contribution In Memory of Eddy Yueh

Eddie YuehEddie Yueh, age 53 and long time Gorge sailer, passed away on July 6th, 2010 after a year-long struggle with cancer.  Living in Tucson, AZ, he traveled to the Gorge each July, camping in Memaloose State Park and sailing with his many friends there or wherever the wind took them.  His favorite sites were “The Hatch” and, most of all “The Wall” where he sailed at every opportunity.

Also known as “Mr. Beer” (after his home brew business), one of his great passions was being in the Gorge, shredding big swells and socializing with members of “Team Curmudgeon” at Memaloose.  His Gorge friends miss him greatly, but they will always feel his presence on the adjacent wave as he hoots and hollers all the way to the turn. Memorial gatherings which included his wife, Maureen, and his two sons, Chris and Alex, were held at Memaloose on July 19th and shortly thereafter, at The Wall.

Eddy’s family and friends contributed to a a donation fund to CGWA’s Gorge Groms kids program in Eddy’s memory.