+ Hatchery Closures & Maintenance Schedule

Spring Creek National Fish Hatchery Pavement Project

Spring Creek National Fish Hatchery is continuing work on a pavement replacement project that will include new asphalt along the entrance road, hatchery parking, and housing areas.  The roadway through the Spring Creek State Park windsurfing site will be resurfaced and the parking area will be leveled with gravel.

The existing pavement has been in place for more than 30 years and has deteriorated to the point that replacement is necessary.

The road paving work is scheduled to begin on Friday June 25th and will continue through Friday July 2nd and possibly into the weekend if necessary, though all reasonable efforts will be made to avoid this.  Paving will begin on the East end of the road and move West.  Once the paving work moves into the recreational access areas, the park will be closed to recreation.

For additional information contact Columbia Hills State Park at 509-767-1159.  For technical project information contact Spring Creek National Fish Hatchery at 509-493-1730.