+ River Temporarily Closed from The Dalles to Rowena

We have heard from OMI, the company that runs The Dalles wastewater treatment plant, that as a result of an upset event that caused an excess of e coli to be released, the river is closed from The Dalles to Rowena.

What happened?
According to a press release sent out by the City of The Dalles, an equipment installation took longer than expected, causing a back up of fluids. This event caused higher than usual levels of e coli to be released into the river.

What are they doing now?
At this point they are required to do water samples every 4 hours. When they get 5 consecutive “clean” samples, the river will reopen through this stretch.

How long will the river be closed for?
They anticipate that they will reopen this stretch around Monday, May 3rd. We will let you know as soon as we hear that it’s reopened.

Good thing it’s windy out east today! Sounds like a weekend to spend at the Wall.